May 24, 2024

democracy in action

Ho hum. MEP elections are coming up. Booooring.

I feel strongly about one thing in the EU: that the CAP must be abolished. No-one I can elect to the parliament will make this happen. Probably only a combination of global warming and a massive die-back of French farmers will bring this about, in a century or two.

I feel less strongly about software patents. They affect lots of people and the future of free software, but compared to growing food they are unimportant. However, they maybe can be banned in the EU by the EP.

So I'm looking for a candidate who's opposed to software patents.

I'd like to vote for Christofer Fjellner (m), but his party supports software patents, and who knows what kind of hold they have over him.

So I'll probably vote for Olle Schmidt (fp) instead.

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