March 19, 2003

Work today

Its my first day at work in about a month, and I am already bored. Not enough things to do today, so I thought to make a post here. The coming war seems to be a big subject in the internet at the moment so I wont be discussing it here at all... dont even know my thoughts about it myself.

Nothing interesting hasnt happened, the smallscreen version is still work in progress, as just been looking at it with Opera 7.03 version and the formatting goes a bit wrong with it.

On Symbian front it has been a real quiet few days, people really waiting for the psiLOC's irRemote app to come out. And me waiting to start skinning it.

On another note, been following this news in the newspapers and net:
Killer respiratory disease baffles world researchers
Medical researchers around the world were desperately trying yesterday to identify a mysterious respiratory disease which has left at least nine people dead and sparked a global medical alert.
It reminds me of the novel "Stand" by Stephen King and its disease "Captain Tripps". Hope it wont come to that... :D

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