March 31, 2003

Skinning cont.

Yesterday found out that there is more functions in the irRemote, than I knew of, and now been adding lots of new shiny buttons to the set, and redesigning some old ones. Today is the release day of irRemote and my partially finished skin is included in the installation package. But I think I can finish the skin by today evening. So I think there will be a new version of it shortly after, with all the functions included.

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March 28, 2003

First skin for irRemote

Today finally finished the first skin project for irRemote. It was really easy to design, but it was really massive job as it has so many buttons and the XML positioning really took time. The screenshot is below.

Here is a early version of a tv remote, the finished is pretty much like that.

I was able to make the skin size go down from originals over 300kB to under 150kB. Now I'm already designing something new, this time keeping it really simple so the file size should be hopefully under 70kB. No idea yet, when the irRemote will be available from psiLOC.

The new processor is really nice, the Photoshop is so much faster. And now the Y'z dock works really smoooooth :D its the best mac style app launcher for PC.

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March 24, 2003

Finally got some sleep

I slept for 4h hours earlier, now just got the computer to work with the new processor. Now it feels like new :D Been playing Serious Sam: Second Encounter for a few hours. I like kicking some alien ass.

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Blink, its morning already

And I didnt have time to update this yet. Oh well, maybe tonight then. If I can get some sleep first. Just got myself a new processor for my desktop PC, a 800MHz Celeron. So installing that has a first priority : ) Should be nicer than my old 300MHz Pentium II. Then my desktop will be on par with my laptop :D Fortunately it has more RAM (512MB) More HD (60GB) and dual monitor setup. Both (laptop & desktop) have Wacom graphics tablets, those are really nice with Photoshop :D

The Oscars got awarded tonight, nothing suprising happened there. Best visual effects award went to The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Best Picture went to Chicago and Directing to The Pianist (that was a small suprise).

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Working tonight

So, I've been really busy this weekend, doing some real work, for a change. Havent had time to post here much. But between the advert designing and making, (Have to finish those by monday morning) been doing some button graphics for this, hopefully get to place those here tonight.

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March 21, 2003


Just got the skinning "tools" for irRemote (not available, yet) from PsiLOC, and it is quite a job :D It is quite like the new WinAmp3 skinning system as it uses XML, of course it enables much more contol over the skins, but it means also much, much more work. So next week is going to be mainly used just for doing graphics for that :D ( 109 bmp files totalling 1.3MB ) Nice.

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New strange charger

Was just browsing slashdot and came across this strange thing, SplashPad?. Really interesting idea, to charge batteries through induction. Remains to be seen, how well that works...

Today also found Rainlendar, a great calendar app for my PC. Been looking calendar app like that for ages. It creates transparent monthly view straight to windows background. Really smooth. Another nice app for win is T-clock2. With it you can sync the clock with NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers. And it also has skinning for the start menu, start button and taskbar. Really useful, if you want a nice looking desktop (and some clock functions too).

So the Iraq war started today then...

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March 20, 2003


Been updating a bit my comment submit page, and just now looked at the time. Now I am wondering, what on earth am I doing still up, as in 6 hours I must be at work again. So this might be a good time to call it a night for today... or maybe just a few tweaks here and there... Hold on, looks like Ewan has done a new review on AAS of WebViewer, that I gotta read first before going to bed.

And today while taking a bus from work, I tried surfing to my brand spanking new mobile version of the blog, and suprise, all was good. :D It looked really slick, on Doris Browser atleast. Should anyone visit this site with NetFront, I would be grateful of knowing how is that rendering this...

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March 19, 2003

Finally video

So the Nokia finally made available the official Hantro video recorder for 7650, available here. Just wondering why it took so long.

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Camera phones on BBC news

Some pub in London seems to have taken notice of camera phones. Check out this article on BBC news. Nice. Also mentioned on Slashdot.

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Work today

Its my first day at work in about a month, and I am already bored. Not enough things to do today, so I thought to make a post here. The coming war seems to be a big subject in the internet at the moment so I wont be discussing it here at all... dont even know my thoughts about it myself.

Nothing interesting hasnt happened, the smallscreen version is still work in progress, as just been looking at it with Opera 7.03 version and the formatting goes a bit wrong with it.

On Symbian front it has been a real quiet few days, people really waiting for the psiLOC's irRemote app to come out. And me waiting to start skinning it.

On another note, been following this news in the newspapers and net:
Killer respiratory disease baffles world researchers
Medical researchers around the world were desperately trying yesterday to identify a mysterious respiratory disease which has left at least nine people dead and sparked a global medical alert.
It reminds me of the novel "Stand" by Stephen King and its disease "Captain Tripps". Hope it wont come to that... :D

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March 18, 2003


Strange thing with the smallscreen version. It doesnt render the most recent post at all, only the comments. Gotta look into it deeper. And it doesnt yet have commenting abilities. Oh well, I think Its just something small.

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New day (again)

Last day and night went mainly to browsing web and looking at others blogs and taking notes how they are doing this. Not much improvements here, except got around doing that search button. Today just got around doing a mobile (smallscreen) version of my blog. It was quite simple, but am not satisfied with it. Needs more tweaking. But for those that are interested, it can be found here.

On another note, last day found a nice app following a discussion on AAS, that allows me to control my desktop with a remote control. Mainly using it to control WinAmp to play music and videos. Its great using my 7650 with irRemote app.

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March 17, 2003

A new day of Blogging

Good evening to all, this is my second day into MovableType, and Im really staring to get a grip on this stuff. Last night it went to 7am until I was able to call it a day. This is too fun to stop doing. (have to admit that part of the time went to playing GTA:Vice City (Trying to get 100% now @ 94%))

So today Im gonna focus into graphics side of this thing. At least until I get mail from PsiLOC as then Im gonna start doing skins for irRemote :D Cant wait for that.

Maybe this place needs some pictures and photos. And that Search button must be changed to graphics... I was browsing other MT sites and found a nice hack that enables smileys to be added to these and to comments too, that would be nice to add. But I think I have enough work today, maybe later this week...

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Just testing posting

This is my first test, wonder how its starting to look. Have fiddled a bit with the templates. Chose "Trendy" template as a starting point. Have to change some colours of it and some text styles, to get it perfect. Woah, gotta try what that extended Entry box does.

Ah, this. Now wondering about how on earth im going to get some pictures and stuff in here, oh well, back to the help files again...

More to come really soon. This is exciting stuff, I tell you. :D

Oh, almost forgot to test links, here is one to my favourite, AAS:
All About Symbian

another is

And here is test of adding a picture here, my avatar on AAS

My avatar on All About Symbian

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March 16, 2003

Initial Test Post

This is the first test post for Jyrik's Symbian Diary. Welcome aboard.

This is the additional bumph.

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