October 20, 2024

October meeting (Wed 20th)

The 3rd Wednesday of the month is, of course, tomorrow: we will be meeting at
  • FACT bar (trendy cinema/arts project)
  • Free wireless (see Mark for details)
  • Wood Street (near the Berry Street end), Liverpool
  • Update: FACT's instructions on how to get there.
  • Behind Bold Street: from Central station, walk up away towards the bombed-out church. Wood street runs parallel to the right: you can cross at any point (for example at Concert Square) but the best place is a square next to a fruit market stall (it'll be barred up of course).
  • 7:30pm
  • I didn't check if the Film quiz will be on. If it is then we can either
    • try and shout over the noise
    • join in
    • escape to the Tea Factory bar next door. If you don't find us in FACT, try that!
Volunteers for organizing a technical meeting in December (we have a speaker or two lined up, but I will be away) will be gratefully received...
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October 07, 2024

We are now in the O'Reilly User Group program

We've now been accepted into the O'Reilly user group program. This gives us various benefits:
  • (Update 8 Oct 2024) 30% discount. You need to pay 3.50 postage and packaging. I'll get details and bring to the next meeting.
  • Free review copies: This has to go through me (at present: I'll pass it on to Mark or a volunteer soon). As well as getting a copy of the book, you'll achieve fame and fortune by having your review published to this site!
  • Other benefits: Catalogues, occasional book donations, help arranging guest speakers etc.

A reminder

We're also members of the SAMS program. We have a number of books they sent us you can borrow for free (just get in touch, we'll bring them at the next meet). If you write a review, we'll publish it here and you can keep the book.

Reviews on other (Java or tangential) books are also greatly appreciated!

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