February 18, 2024

February meeting

Our February meeting promises to be an interesting one, discussing the "LJUG project". Proposals for this project have included
  • Sharing business information in spreadsheets with mobile clients (smartphones etc.)
  • Crossword creator
  • Weather tracker
  • General purpose spreadsheet
and we're still interested in discussing more ideas!


  • Wed 18 Feb (3rd Wednesday of the month)
  • Time 7:30pm
  • Location Philharmonic Dining Rooms (pub), Liverpool
  • (possibly moving onto the Everyman bistro at 8pm for dinner, to be discussed)
  • If you don't already know us, please get in touch before hand so we'll look out for you. I will try to remember to take a Java book to put on the table at the Phil pub (forgot last month...)
  • Rough agenda
    1. Discuss (and possibly choose) the LJUG project
    2. Our name (LiveJUG, MerseyBean, NWJug etc.)
    3. Promotion (universities and colleges, SUN, newsgroups, etc.)
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July 04, 2003

Welcome to Liverpool UK Java User Group

Welcome to the is a the web-site for the Liverpool Java User Group.

We aim to be a social and technical group supporting Java programmers, users, and anyone interested in Java technology. The group is open to anyone, beginner or experts, hobbyist or professional.

We will meet on the third Wednesday of every month in central Liverpool
(The venue for each meeting will be announced on the website near the date).

Liverpool is well connected by rail links, and these meetings are open to anyone from Merseyside, Wirral, Chester, Manchester, and beyond.

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