March 31, 2024

More Fixed point links

Michael Zemlyanukha forwarded some more Fixed Point library links I think I haven't picked up yet:
  • IAppli Fixed Point Math Library
(both open source) He also suggests as a good source of J2ME dev links.
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January 14, 2024

ONJava's review of 2003

ONJava's review of 2003
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July 14, 2003

Java community sites

  • A simple but effective idea. It's a more or less free for all aggregator for people with Java blogs. Sounds boring? But it's a genuine community full of bloggers controversies, rants, reviews, and interesting thoughts.
  • Artima buzz Inspired by javablogs, a set of blog aggregators focusing on areas of technology (including Java, J2ME, J2EE).
  • Based on the popular Perl site perlmonks, this is so far an underused site, with a lot of potential.
  • Sun's (rather belated) Java community site. It's big, complex, and rather corporate, but has a lot of useful stuff and some great resources for hosting your own Java projects. In particular, it's being touted as an alternative to for hosting Java specific projects.
  • The Server Side. Community site focused on Enterprise Java.
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July 04, 2003

O'Reilly Java sites Most of the books featured have sample chapters for download. OreillyNet site for Java.

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Free Java Books

Free books . Can't say fairer than that

  • IBM ...Don't forget to check out their onlineJava tutorials:
  • Supporting site for Java for the world Wide Web
  • Supporting site forTeach Yourself Java in 21 Days
  • The Daddy of them all:
  • Liverpool University's Java Course

Free book chapters

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