April 29, 2024


Well damn it. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long and not posting a thing since march.

Ok well I have very bad news, a cry for help and some good news for the future.

-- The Cry for Help --

Things are at a complete stop. I am very busy with not only work but my girlfriend as well and what little free time I have had in my life, Final fantasy XI has stole it from me (we are talking 30mins to an hour every few days).

So once the problem below is corrected I am cleaning up everything and dumping the source on this website. My cry for help is that if anybody can make a contribution to the emulator in any way please do and email the code over to me for intergration into my build (you will be fully noted as being a contributor since I was never in this for the fame. just the joy of playing ngpc on my n-gage).

-- The Bad News --

I ****ed up. I did it somewhere and I don't know where or what it is. It's a bad bug that has lingered for weeks. It makes no imporvement to the speed but destroys compatibility sevearly. Not sure if it's a memory bug, an allignment bug or just a small screw up oh so common in coding. Anyways I will try to get some time on this bug this weekend and probably just take my good code (savestates, new memory system, os layer) and scrap everything else to try clearing out the problem. I also want to fix much of my mistakes from intergration that seperated me from using the original core and using a hacked up copy in another folder.

-- The Good News --

I saw on some pocketgamer.org today that Dave's 68000 core, Cyclone, has progressed extreamly well. If you don't know Cyclone is a 68000 cpu core writen from ground up in arm asembly for low end platforms like PDA, Smartphones and Cell Phones. He has writen up a Megadrive/Genesis emulator as a way to work and test his 68000 core. So if things keep looking up and more time surfaces this summer. I might take some time to build up a sybmain 60 port of the emulator (would just have to port the OS layer which is only a few weeks of work). So it's quite posible we will see a genesis emulator before this year is out (if not by me definantly by someone else). As well the future applications of the 68000 core for other systems.

Well that is aobut it. Feel free to leave some comments below on what you think.

-- Links --
http://www.finalburn.com/ Mike's homepage
http://www.pocketpc.com/ Best site for pocket pc game info
http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/ Eh, should give them a link anyways.

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