April 20, 2005

Nokia 6630

It's been a long time since i worked on Gilgamesh as a P800 app. I went through a redundancy, another redundancy a while later and I'm currently working as a Perl programmer.

I had the P800 for a long time but it got broken. I 'upgraded' to the motorola V60 which is kind of cute and in many ways more usable as a phone. Though annoying in others compared to a nokia for example.

And here I am again with a Nokia. Free upgrade and apparently very cool and/or frustratingly lacking by all accounts.

so far I like
  • camera and video capability
  • it actually works as a 3g/gprs modem.
  • agile messenger is cool

I can't quite get used to data input. Keys are too near edge and the moto delete key is here either cancel or send. Also a lot of software - vexed, triz, blogplanet doesn't seem to work. But if you can read this then Azure works ok!

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