July 19, 2003

Why is Same Game Shareware?

A lot of people are going to know me for my applications released by FreEPOC - the distinction of all of those apps (Vexed, SFCave, Quad, etc) are that they are freeware. In fact, for the first time, I'm releasing an application as shareware. Why?

Part of it is I want to see how popular a shareware app can be, when compared to a freeware app. I reckon that Vexed and Same Game are about the same level of playability and addictivness. But I've been as open as possible. The only missing feature in the demo is the Undo function. You can play the demo forever as it has no time limit on it. You'll just get a note at the start saying "Please Register..."

And there is the money side of it. If 150 people out there decide to register Same Game (that's 1% of the projected downloads of the demo over the first 3 months), then that's earnings of around £1,000. Now ask yourself, if that happens am I going to (a) sit back and retire or (b) write something just as good (if not better) and release that next month?

The choice is yours.

Posted by Ewan at July 19, 2003 01:10 AM
With a wife and baby to support, it's about time ;) Posted by: Jadeviper at July 19, 2003 09:13 AM
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