April 22, 2003

A successful day's work.

Well this morning was yet another driving lesson, where my instructor finally gave me the forms to book my test! Woo, not long now! After that I got home, made a bee-line for my car and started to work on a nasty problem involving the key not locking the driver side door....

Fortunately for me the door was simple to dismantle to get to the locking mechanism. The problem was that although the key would unlock the door fine, when locking the door the handle would open the door with some gentle persuasion (i.e. lift the door a little). If I used the lock on the inside on the other hand the car locked fine.

Originally I tried buggering about by locking it on the inside and getting out of the passenger side door, until I realised that the key didn't even turn in that door (seems like internal locking only to me), so I had to scoot round to the back doors where I could push the internal locker down with the door open and then close the door to the satisfaction of a car well locked. Needless to say that this song and dance got very annoying in the few times I have had to do it since getting the car so something needed done.

Lo and behold after about half an hour buggering about in the door the outside lock now locks the door properly although it now needs some persuasion to unlock it, but needless to say this seems a much more secure option.

I now await the arrival of my girlfriend so we can apply some mods to the inside of her cockpit and then a trip round the shops to get some styling gear to make my interior a tad less bland.

Posted by Switchblade at April 22, 2003 12:01 PM
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