March 31, 2003


My loan was refused on the grounds that I've been in an overdraft a lot (well Duuuuuh! I've been a student for the last 3 years and just got a job, of course I'd have spent a while in an overdraft!). Nontheless, unpeturbed by this I am making an appeal on the grounds that the decision was an arse and a response should come in a few hours.

Bugger, the phone call came that said my appeal was declined. Ah well I stick one finger up at Mr. Bank Manager and shall achieve my dream with or without the bank's help. The future is bright, the future is Green Oval.

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March 30, 2003

Wish me luck

I'm off to visit the bank manager in the morning to talk car loans so luck will be wished for in that outing. here contains photos of my intended purchase if anyone is interested.

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March 26, 2003

Long time, no entry

Been busy lately so little chance to post, but I'm back now with little to say. I've passed my theory test so should be driving soon. Started work on some other odds and sods, including much tidying of my room. Need to find space to set my decks up permanantly again, as I've just bought some more vinyl and need somewhere to spin it.

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March 18, 2003

All Work and No Play

Here we are half 1 in the morning and after 2 hours of buggering about with the code in the CSS file and the Index this blog is starting to look reasonable. Although I fully intend to carry on editing and improving (adding more gfx when I have the free time) there are certain things I can't improve, the main one being that it looks crap in windoze. Maybe I'm too used to BeOS and the way text is anti-aliased, but the aliasing in windoze looks so bad I'm ashamed.

I'm still here, 5 hours of work to go until I can go home so I'll carry on editing this until my shift is up. Here's hoping it looks good by the end of it. Oooh work, off I go.

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March 17, 2003

Latenight ramblings...

Stuck at work, bored stiff, and nowt to do, it's blogging time....

First off, the war, what's it all about hey? Saddam Hussein, Oil, or protecting the innocent people of Iraq. Well the truth is now out and it's neither of the latter. Bush has asked Hussein to give himself up and the war will not happen. "Daddy can I finish your war off please?"

Tony Blair earlier this year boasted of targets to hit this year to decrease the amount of asylum seekers we get, at the same time he's planning a war on Iraq... now where does he think that these asylum seekers are coming from?

According to the "accident group" if you have an accident that can be blamed on someone else (seemingly no matter how loosely blamed) you can claim. Taking that one step further, if I stub my toe walking down the street causing me to drop my mobile, can I sue the council if the concrete breaks my phone? Or should I claim off the contractor who laid the concrete in the first place. In today's blame filled society the world would be a better place made out of sponge.

And if made out of sponge, Saddam Hussein's weapons wouldn't work so Bush couldn't come up with crap excuses to invade. It's a good thing I like sponge cakes I guess.

It's St Patricks day at 23:25 and I'm 1/4 Irish. I'm in France, at work, doing a nightshift. Surely I'm meant to be out getting slightly worse for wear, something is wrong here.

Television, what a load of pap, just watched Tarrant On TV, about the only good thing on through the whole shift, here's hoping something interesting may happen in an hour or 2.

I could write a whole peice on one subject instead of changing aimlessly on each paragraph, but I choose not to as this keeps you on your toes.

And if the world is sponge you could be hit by a car and not geat hurt, that would be very handy.

America is supposedly toning down it's use of oil for an energy resource, but then if they were, why have all oil replacing solutions been bought by American corporate companies and hidden from view. Seems we are forced to be oil dependant so the oil companies (and in turn governments) can make their money. Sounds a bit Conspiracy Theory that.

Which was a crap film, went to the cinema to see it, hell don't think it even came out on video!!! Waste of money and health that was, unlike Lord Of The Rings.

Of which the third book (as a film) couldn't come soon enough, and I hope they make the related books, especially The Hobbit into movies, be good to watch. On the subject of movies, all these good things are due soon, Star Wars 3, Matrix 2&3, LOTR 3, but they still don't seem to have materialised yet.

War American style would kill lots of innocents (mostly as the innocents would fight the invader, much as we would if America invade England, we would fight them on the beaches, and the shore, and protect this Green And Pleasant Land (except the Isle of Sheppey, they can have that). More innocents would die from invasion than at Hussein's hand.

Now that "reality" tv is all the rage, we've had show's like Essex Sluts, Real Footballers Wives, and the Salon I wonder when we will get "Sheppey Scrotes" showing off all the scrotes who live on the Isle Of Sheppey. is the place to be.

Right enough from me for now. I'll save some rambling for later when the boredom meets tiredness and I'm just wanting to sleep and cry "DON'T F*CKING WAKE MEEEEEEEE!"

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Get Orf The Roads!!!!

BWA HA HA HA HA! My driving instructor today informed me that I'm not allowed to take any more lessons until I do my Theory Test. )C: And then once I've got that done I can apply for my practical test and fast-track it! Wooohoooo! Also today was my first bit of fog driving, in your face fog you bloody loser! Right now I'm off to the shops to buy me a new amp to celebrate.

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March 16, 2003

Here we go, here we go, here we goooooo!

Right I have the hang of this now (I think) so I should be able to post some blogs and make it look even prettier once I sort some gfx out for it. Text is good but it's more plain than a 747, hmms maybe that works better spoken....

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Yet More Testings

Well it seems I've figured out slightly what I'm doing, unfortunately I'm quite possibly doing it wrong so so far I'm getting no where. The links to other sites work though.

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