March 23, 2024

Building a Better Wap Diary

So what was wrong with the old WAP template that we've updated it? The old template have you the last x entries on one massive page. Which was great to prove the concept, but a bit silly if you had ten entries of a thousand words each. So the criteria for the new WAP design is something like this:

* Allow the index page to feel more like an index, rather than all the text from the last "X" posts.

* Give each entry its own page; ie individual archive in WAP Format as well as the HTML format. This will involve reformatting entries to make them wap/xhtml compatible.

* Allow the number of comments to an article to be visible on the index page, and have these comments shown directly after each article.

While the second point is causing a few headaches (namely in the sanitise_html, extract_html and enable_xml tags), the system is more than robust enough for most of you using Symbian Diaries. You can see a working example of the template at

So, here's how to do it.

1. Create a new Index Template
On logging ono the Movable Type (MT) sysem and selecting your site, choose the Templates option from the side bar. You'll see at the top a list of templates. These are what MT use to create your index pages. As we're creating a new index page for WAP, we'll need to create a new template.

Call it something sensible (like Wap Index Template), and specify the output file (ie what our index page will be called) to read index.wml.

Follow this link to see what you need to copy into this template. it will provide you with a new index page that lists the last 7 entries, and the number of comments that each entry has. Save this new template, but don't Rebuild yet. We've got a bit more to do.

2. Create a new WAP Entry Archive Template
The WAP Archive Template is used to create the individual page for each entry you have made in your Symbian Diary. Again you'll need to create a new template, but note that this isn't an Index template, it's an Archive of Individual entries. Grab the template from this link, and create the new entry archive.

3. Edit your Archive Settings

3a. Archive Type Individual should be typed
3b. ADD NEW. Type: Individual. Template: Wap Entry. Add
3c. Leave selector button on Individual Entry
3d. Add new Archive File Template line "<$MTEntryID pad="1"$>.wml"
3e. Save Changes

4. Rebuild your Site

5. Tell the world where your Wap Symbian Diary is!<blogname>/index.wml

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