March 18, 2024

What's Been Added

Okay, the first round of changes to Symbian Diaries have been added. They're all around the theme of linking the Symbian Diaries together to create a better sense of a community. First of all, here's an RSS Feed covering all the Diaries so you can watch over everyone from one list on your aggregator.

Secondly, the side column of the front page was had a bit of a tidy-up. The Celtic font has been replaced with something reasonable (but our nice Logo remains - that took me long enough!). The currently active blogs are now all listed, and you can see the last 10 entries over all the diaries just below the index.

What else? The Plug-in is present, so if you have more than one Diary, you can show entries from one Diary on another page without having to resort to RSS feeds and scraping. There's a good example on Ewan's Musings that allows the last picture posted to the Moblog to be shown in his side bar.

Finally, some Comment Spam protection and pruning tools are available. You should notice over 1500 comment spams have been removed overnight. If you're running a diary, when you get emailed a notifier that a comment has been placed, there's a link at the bottom of this email. If the comment is Spam, please click this link to have it (and any other similar Spam) removed from your Diary, and subsequently blocked from posting.

That's all for now.

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