June 12, 2024

De-spam your SymbianDiary

Here at SymbianDiaries, a comment de-spamming tool has been installed called MT-Blacklist, but how is it used?

First you will need to have a SymbianDiary and be logged in. This link:- MT-BlackList, will take you to the main search screen.

On that screen you will find five buttons at top marked - List, Add, De-spam, Configure, and About.

* List:- List all domain and expressions that MT-Blacklist is set-up to stop
Note:- This is Large and may take a while to load. I would advise only use if really needed.
* Add:- Use to add Domains and Expressions to the main list.
* De-Spam:- Use to search last 50 (or other amount) of comments for spam.
* Configure:- Configure is used for setting which Blog/s (Comments &/or Trackbacks) it will search for spam and block automatically.
* About:- Tells you all about MT-Blacklist!

Tips for using MT-Blacklist:-
* Blog Config / Preferences / Comment Configuration / Email new comments?
This will e-mail you any comments with de-spamming link.
* Add MT-BlackList link to you Blog home page.
Blog Config / Preferences / General Settings / Welcome Message
Welcome Message Text - View in .txt reader and add in welcome message box (with changes mentioned).
* Sit back and enjoy your spam free blog.

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