April 29, 2003

[New Diary] Vexed - The Ancient Riddles

Launched at the same time as the Series 60 version, Vexed - The Ancient Riddles is the homepage for all the Symbian (and Psion) versions of Vexed. You'll find the latest information, links and downloads to do with Vexed here - and it's a good example of how a single app can be hosted on Symbian Diaries.

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[New Diary] OPL Diary

The OPL Diary is a sister site to the OPL-Sourceforge project, which brings a simple programming lanaguage to the Symbian OS. The OPL Diary is targeted at novice users, and those wanting more news and background information on OPL.

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April 26, 2003

[New Diary] Project Gilgamesh

Osfameron has launched his Symbian Diary. It is "Project: Gilgamesh" and he's using it to chart his progress in creating a Spreadsheet program for the P800. It's a large project, and it should prove both an interesting challenge and some reading!

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April 13, 2003

What are "The Symbian Diaries"

The Symbian Diaries is an internet community for anyone and anything related, even remotely, to the Symbian OS. You'll find information, personal views, applications and projects throughout the Symbian Diaries site. Please take some time to discover the vibrant world of Symbian.

There are three main types of "Symbian Diary" you'll find here. They are...

Personal Views
What would be considered as a normal Blog, where Symbian users comment on anything they want - they might not be 100% Symbian related, but they are all worthwhile reading.

Ongoing Symbian Projects
Projects run by a few people, or those where news needs to passed over for the average user (as opposed to in code repository mazes like Source Forge) can be found in Symbian Diaries.

Application Homepages
Written an application? Need a home for it where you don't need to worry about html, hosting costs, or bandwidth costs? Symbian Diaries can be your application's homepage on the internet.

If you want a Symbian Diary, just email us!

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How to get a Symbian Diary

So, you're here and you want your own Symbian Diary? Getting one is easy. Here's how.

The first step is to decide on a username and a password. Jot these down in an email to [email protected]. Your username is NOT the title ofyour diary, you can change that in the settings of your Symbian Diary.

Once we get your email, we'll do the set up, and then email you back with your URL for your site, and for the Administration Page for you to edit your Diary and start posting!

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Starting a Symbian Diary

So, you've emailed us at Symbian Diaries, and we've set up your own diary. You've logged yourself in, and are now staring at the Moveable Type control panel, and a rather white (and empty) diary. Let's have a look at how to get started on your Diary.

Setting Variables

Unlike starting from scratch, the Symbian Diaries team will have set up the majority of the settings that your Diary needs. You won't need to worry about the archive path, local files, or anything like that - we've done it for you.

What you probably will want to change is the name of your Symbian Diary. By default this will be set to "David Levin's Symbian Diary" (that's of course if David Levin decides to start a Symbian Diary!).

In the Blog Config section (look on the left hand toolbar of the "Manage Blog" section), apart from the Blog Name, you can ignore the Core Setup (that's the bit we've done for you). Preferences will allow you to add in a description of your Symbian Diary, and other items that will change what is shown in your Diary.

Deciding on a Look

Your Symbian Diary will be a bit black on white when you first get it - and you'll probably want to change the look to something that's more to your liking. Go to the Templates option and you will find out how to change the look of your site. Your Symbian Diary has a Style Sheet and template files. The Style Sheet decides the font, background colours, and other elements.

If you are familiar with Style Sheets, dive right in and edit in what you want. If you aren't familiar (so that's around 95% of you reading this), the easiest thing to do is go the Movable Type example Style Sheets page, which is here. Choose one of these looks, and cut n paste the text into the css file.

The majority of existing Diaries have used these default templates, and then changed a few details to get to their own individual look. Of course, if you play around and get something completely incomprehensible, then you can easily use these to get the Diary running properly again.

Detailed Editing Of The Look

In the same way you tweaked the Style Sheet, you can also tweak the actual templates. These control where things go on a page, and a quick look at the template code as you look at your main page will let you see what controls what. We'll have a detailed tutorial available later, but for the meantime feel free to experiment. If you need to return to the default settings (ie ones that work) they can be found here.

Any questions?
Comment on this article with any advice or questions you have - and the rest of the Symbian Diaries community can help!

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