May 12, 2003

[New Diary] SF Cave

SF Cave is a new Arcade game for the Nokia Communicator. It's homepage, along with a High Score competition and information on the application can be found here.

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May 05, 2003

Viewing Your Diary on a WAP Browser

Given the number of Symbian Devices which have a WAP Browser (ie all of them) and the number of people who will only use the WAP Browser (rather than NetFront, Opera, WebViewer or any of the other WWW Solutions), it makes good sense to have your Symbian Diary viewable on a WAP Browser. Here's how to do it.

Create a New Template

Log in to Movable Type and select "Manage Blog." On the toolbars on the left, select the "Templates" option. Choose "Create a New Template," and fill in the following options:

Template Name: WAP Index
Output File: index.wml
Tick rebuild this template...
Leave blank the "Link this template to a file" option

Cut and Paste the WAP Template

Copy this WAP Template into the Template Body, changing the first paragraph text and the bottom "home" link to reflect your Symbian Diary


Now rebuild your site, and the link will be your Symbian Diary through WAP.

Why We Use The Excerpt option

We don't use the Entry Body or Extended Entry text in our WAP page, because WAP is very specific in how it uses text and it would be very easy for loose tags to stop your WAP Index working. The way to get around this is to use the Excerpt function of Moveable Type.

This allows you to either have an alternate short entry in the Exceprt dialog (when you write the entry) or to take the first X words of an Entry and use these as the content in the WAP page. Initially this X equals 20 words, but to get a decent length of entry displaying, it is recommended you increase this to 1500-200 words.

Things to Look At

At the moment we're still working out how to view comments and add comments from a WAP browser. When we work this out, we'll let you know.


WAP Template

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