June 26, 2003

How To Update your Diary from your Phone

Here at Symbian Diaries we're big fans of Symbian OS and the phones it powers. So whenever a Java Midlet comes along that says you can update your blog from your Handset, we alway try it. Finally, here's one that works. Azure is still in it's early stages, but it's already a promising tool. Download it and you can post on the move. Here's some set up instructions.

(1) Download Azure from http://web.vee.net/projects/azure/. Look for Install via a Personal Computer and grab the JAR file.

(2) Install Azure onto your phone. It's a Java Midlet, so if you're using a Nokia/Series 60, it'll be under the Midlet Apps Icon.

(3) Run the app. You'll be asked for three bits of info.
Your Weblog Address is http://www.symbiandiaries.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-xmlrpc.cgi
Your Username and Your Password are the same as when you log on via the Web Interface.

(4) Select your blog from the list presented. Most Symbian Diaries users will only have one, but you can have multiple blogs.

Now have fun! I'm sure the author of Azure would like some feedbakc (as would the Symbian Diaries team!) so let us all know how you get on.

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June 21, 2003

Backend Software Updated

Symbian Diaries is powered by Moveable Type. Over the last week or so, we've updated it to version 2.6.4. This should give us more flexibility for WAP and Mobile Access, so keep watching Symbina Diaries. Don't forget you can email us if you'd like your blog hosted here.

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