July 28, 2003

[Tip] Don't Let Your Index Page Run Empty

If you don't update your Symbian Diary very often, you can change over the index page from showing Entries in the last "X" Days to The Last "X" Entries, irrespective of how far in the past they belong.

You can do this by editing your Main Index Template. Find the line that says...


...and alter this to read...

MTEntries lastn="11"

...where lastn is equal to the number of entries you want to show on you index page.

Save and Rebuild you Symbian Diary, and that should be that.

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July 21, 2003

[New Site] Liverpool Java User Group

Symbian Diaries shows yet another use, this time as a central site for the Liverpool Java User Group. Providing a point of contact which can be edited by the organisers is something the system can easily handle. And for the members, the comments system allows quick and easy interaction.

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