Series 60 Devices

The OPL runtime for Series 60 was released (under the LGPL) in 2003. Vexed followed on moments after the runtime release - partly because I am part of the Open Source OPL Project. Being the first OPL application for the Series 60, Vexed has an important role to play.

Note that in this first major release, only the first level pack (The Original Levels) is available to play. As the OPL Runtime matures, Vexed will grow and allow the additional packs to be installed and played.

This version of Vexed is compatible with the Nokia 7650 and 3650. It should also run on any Series 60 device with the OPL Runtime installed (eg the Siemens SX-1 and the Nokia N-Gage).

Download Links
Application (v0.60)
Level Pack 1 "The Original Levels"
Level Pack 2 "The Later Levels"
Level Pack 3 "First Variety"

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Nokia Communicators

The OPL runtime was converted to run on Symbian OS 6.0 in 2001, and naturally Vexed was ported as soon as possible. Now in it's second update, Vexed is regarded by some as the flagship OPL app with over 5000 downloads. 8 level packs have been made available for the Communicator (the "Impossible" pack is being converted for an impending release).

This version of Vexed is compatible with the Nokia 9210, 9210i and 9290 communicators.

Download Links
Application (v1.10)
Level Packs

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Psion ER1-5

The first platform I programmed Vexed for was the Psion Series 5 range of PDA's. It is now in it's second update, and all level packs have been converted to run on all Psion machines.

This version of Vexed is compatible with the following machines.

Psion Series 5 (4mb and 8mb models), Psion Series 5mx, Psion Series 5mx Pro, Psion Revo and Revo Plus, Psion Series 7, Psion NetBook, Psion NetPad (unconfirmed), Oregon Osaris and Geofox 1.

Download Links
Application (v2.00)
Level Packs

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Level Packs

Vexed is all about those fiendsih levels - luckily when you finish the 60 levels that come with the application, you can download more level packs to keep the frustration (and the fun) flowing.

The Level Packs are known by the following names: Original Levels, Later Levels, First Variety, Second Variety, Childrens, Twister, Confusion, Panic and Impossible.

The Original Levels were the first 60 levels released by James McCoombe for the Palm version of Vexed in 1999. I've continued this, by making sure that the Original Level pack is shipped with the first version of Vexed rleased for each platform. The additional level packs (which can be installed seperatly) follow at a later date, and were devised by the Vexed for Palm SourceForge team.

Download Links
Level Packs for Psion EPOC machines.
Level Packs for Nokia 9200 Communicators.
Level Pack 1 for Nokia Series 60 Machines.
Level Pack 2 for Nokia Series 60 Machines.
Level Pack 3 for Nokia Series 60 Machines.

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