OPL Runtime Updated - And So Is Vexed

With the announcement today of v0.30 of OPL for Series 60, Vexed on Series 60 has been updated to 0.60, and now includes support for Menus, Memory Card installation and Symbian OS 7.0s. But please read the read.me carefully!

Download it now!

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Firsty Variety Level Pack released for Series 60 and N-gage

To celebrate the launch of the N-Gage, and to make sure all the other Series 60 owners don;t get too jealous, it's time for another level pack patch for the Series 60 Vexed Users. Why not try "The First Variety" Level Pack?

Download Links

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First Level Pack for Series 60 Released

Are you ready for "The Later Levels?" Series 60 owners (Nokia 7650 and 3650) can download the first Patch file to change the level pack installed for Vexed. Vexed was the first OPL application for Symbian OS running on the Series 60 interface. It was noted at the time that many features of Vexed were dependent on new features being added into the OPL runtime.

The OPL runtime is currently being worked on, and the required features are not yet stable enough for a new OPL Runtime release - so I have been left with a quandry as to Vexed and the Level packs

I have decided to release a Patch File to give users who have finished "The Original Levels" a greater challenge. This Patch file will give you "The Later Levels" to play through on your Series 60 phone.

Download Links
Level Pack 1 for Nokia Series 60 Machines.
Level Pack 2 for Nokia Series 60 Machines.

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Vexed for Nokia 7650 and 3650 Released

The OPL Runtime for Series 60 has been released, and I've been working on Vexed for Series 60 since receiving an early copy. Now Nokia 7650 and 3650 owners can join in the fun and frustration! Download it now!

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Panic Pack for 9200 Available

Some large friendly letters on the front? Not for the Panic Pack! Now you can download this brand new Vexed Level for your Communicator, along with the other seven packs you might have missed. Download it now!

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