October 24, 2003

The Swamp (pt.1)

In the swamp, everything is so simple and so natural.

Come on in. Sit down. Have a cup of coffee. let one of the ravens (waiters are ravens in the swamp) bring you something to eat.

All of us in the swamp love each, listen to each other's problems. Tell each other how was our day.....

*mosquito sits alone in the coffee zone of the swamp waiting for fellow forumers to show up. He noticed yourmanlee hesitating to come in so he called at him:*

Hey! Come in Lee. Dude, I have been down lately. You don't wanna hear it.

*Lee seems not interested but he comes in throwing his shoes away ordering a vodka from one of the ravens*

*mosquito stands up walking towards him and says:*

Drinking liquer in the morning!

*mosquito noticed that Lee is already asleep so mosquito takes a corner waiting for other forumers to show up*

[Lets turn this into a story and introduce new characters along the way...]

Lee wakens to the sound of more ravens and...more vodka! Excellent! Lee says 'Mosquito, how are you today?' (has another vodka) *hic*
Mosquito says 'Ok dude. Your good self?'
Lee: Very well thank you. You?
Mos: ' Oh not too bad thanks. What about you?'
Lee ' Yeah ok, ta.'

At this point Orophin enters the swamp and says "No more vodka for these men!"

Jamella enters the swamp and says....

*mosquito, notices that jamella is not around and that Lee has left already and that Orophin has taken away all the liquor so he sobs and whines and falls asleep from the heat of the sun*


*In his dreams, mosquito dreamt that all fellow forumers came and joined himself and Lee and Orophin and Jamella*

*mosquito was dreaming on and on but suddenly he woke up on the sound of someone entering into the swamp*

Who goes there? *mosquito asked with a peaceful voice*

*TaTMaN approaches the swamp a sees a drunk and a mosquito, both asleep...* ...better go somewhere else if I don't want to be thrown up on or bitten.... =P

*Jadeviper sneaks in and snuggles down in a corner, always ready with a patient ear and advice if required*

mosquito notices that jade has snuck in so he puts on some cloth and walks up to her waving his hand in the air to call a raven saying:

One vodka for me and a glass of milk for the lady.

The raven arrives with the drinks and mosquito hands the glass of milk to the lady but she seems reluctant.

mosquito asks her who she was and she said:

*"I am the mother. I am here to care for all of you, to help you and to nurture you. Now bring me a whisky and don't you dare put anything in it, you're not so big I can't put you over my knee"*

mosquito asks one of the ravens to get mommy jade a whiskey.

The raven arrives on the double and hands jade the whiskey *slurrp slurrp* she begins to drink.

mosquito sits in her motherly lap and falls asleep from the vodka.

jade puts him gently in the sleeping zone in the sawmp.

*Jadeviper sighs in the still air of the swamp. Turning on her PC she logs into AAS and waits....*

mosquiti wakes up from a short mosquitosih nap and walks around the swamp searching for other swampers.

It's very quiet, isn't it?

*mosquito notices that jade is there so he heads up towards her humming a popular tune.*

*jade looks up at him rather angry that he left her and fell asleep*

*mosquito blames it on the vodka*

Oh ya, let put some loud music.

*mosquito walks toward the mp3 player puts the black album by metallica*

*mosquito starts to listen to his favorite song of all times*

And the road becomes my bride
I have stripped of all but pride
So in her I do confide
And she keeps me satisfied
Gives me all I need

TANKERx pops in, realises that he's not in Hereford Cathedral and nicks himself in the ear for being so stupid before making himself out-of-there before anybody notices.

Everything in the swamp is silent. No, wait, there are some birds that are not asleep. It is the magical midsummer night, sun up at 4 am and birds restless. Too much light in this hour... Laura is wandering around in the swamp to collect the right flowers and herbs to put under her pillow - the dreams she will then have will most likely come true. The swamp has very different flora from Scandinavia, but she eventually finds what she needs and heads back to her sleeping mattress. on her way she encounters no one, except for the birds that are still nervously chittering...

Jadeviper wakes from a dreamless sleep and looks around. Again the swamp is quiet. The solstice! The light has a curious quality today, golden and soft, the trees making dappled patterns on the ground. There are footprints there, and the occasional flower petal in a trail leading to Laura's sleeping mattress. Jadeviper smiles and wonders if she's dreaming of the future.

Jadeviper yawns and stretches and waits...

I will just sit quietely in the corner and watch, *Peter thinks to himself* ...and if I am discovered, maybe all the better....

Jadeviper looks up, her reverie broken, wondering if she'd just heard a noise. Seeing no movements, she closes her eyes and returns to her meditation, breathing deeply in the warm, musty air of the swamp.

Realizing they were now alone in the Swamp, Peter inched closer..........

Jadeviper's eyes snap open and she looks around again, slowly scanning the swamp for movement that might indicate the source of the noise. Spotting Peter she smiles and beckons to him...

Returning her smile, Peter harnessed the courage to approach her. *Never mind Ewan or that little bug Mosquito...* Peter knew they were probably lurking silently in the Swamp but his curiousity had taken control ........

Jadeviper knew Ewan would be lurking somewhere, but also that he knew her well enough to say nothing... Mosquito she didn't yet know and glanced around to see if he was there. Seeing nothing, she turned back to Peter and reached up to brush a stray leaf from his hair. Catching his glance, she smiled again.

*How did that leaf get in my hair* Peter wondered. *I was so well coifed when I arrived in the Swamp*

a breeze sighs through the trees, sending a few of last year's leaves fluttering down. Jadeviper brushes a couple from her skirt and grins.

Realizing that he may never have a chance like this again and that he must act quickly, he takes her willing hand in his.....

Laura on her mattress is still sleepy after the nightly ramble around the swamp. She is aware of the two people small distance away, and senses the delicate moment that should not be stirred. Laura keeps her eyes closed and lets the gentle hum in the trees guide her back to her dreams of far away places and far away people.

Jadeviper clasps Peter's hand and gazes deeply into his eyes, then smiling cheekily she shakes his hand very formally.

then FOX HOUND passed the swamp quietly and quickly and and he was never seen again

Trying to act as nonchalant as possible and to not let her sense his disapointment, Peter says the first (and most stupid thing) that comes to mind.......

Jadeviper raises her eyebrows, wondering what he's going to say

*Why wasn't I invited to the wedding.....?* Peter asks, stupidly and unintentionally reminding Jadeviper of her marriage vows

Jadeviper laughs and kisses Peter gently on the cheek. "We had more than enough people at our wedding without inviting people we didn't know yet" she replies, an ironic smile on her lips. Sitting next to Peter, she studies him intently, trying to fathom him out.

I am not at all like the "cartoonish" person people think I am Peter says as he brushes more leaves from her skirt

Laura now awakens and after carefully analysing the situation, decides that her help might be needed here. Her romantic dreams had left her tuned into the matters of the heart. 'Hello you two and good morning' she says. 'What lovely hair you have' she says to Jadeviper. 'But there is something tangled up there in your curles, behind, you can't reach it yourself' she continues. 'I wish I could stay and help you with it but I have to go and get me something to eat' she smiles apologetically. 'Maybe peter could help you clear it' she says with a wink and leaves.

Surprised to see another person and now realizing he had stumbled into a swamp for bored housewives, Peter thanked LAuRa and asked wouldn't she care to stay and help him untangle Jadviper's curls?

Jadeviper beams at Laura "How did you sleep? And did you dream the dream you wanted?"

Jadeviper reaches into a pocket in her long, flowing skirt and pulls out a hairrbush. She sits with her ankles crossed slowly brushing her long wavy hair.

After staring at her ankles and watching brush her lovely hair for almost one hour, Peter awakens from his trance and asks *do you always carry a hairbrush in your skirt pocket*

Laura had been making her leave but found herself drawn back when she heard the questions. 'Dreams? Yes, I dreamed what I dream about' she answered softly, smiling. Turning again to leave she tried to gesture peter to take the brush from Jadeviper. Why didn't he understand that brushing someones hair could be a very intimate act... Planning to come back later in the evening to see how things have developed, she finally disappeared to the bushes.

Taking his cue from the departing Laura, Peter took the hairrbrush from Jadeviper and asked her if she would like to sip a Bailey's while he brushed her hair.

mosquito appears suddenly out of oblivion and hugs all and then goes to a comfortable corner under a tree and lies down singing a metallica song.

mosquito signals for a raven to get him something to eat.

mosquito - feeling insanely bored - goes to the swamp cinema alone to watch a movie. Still the swamp seems like a dark deserted place with no soul to talk to.

Jadeviper stretches and wriggles into a comfortable position in front of Peter, her shoulders leaning gently against his knees. At the offer of Baileys she smiles and licks her lips before accepting a small glass. She takes a tiny sip and closes her eyes as Peter begins to brush the full length of her hair, all the way down to her waist.

Orophin with his elven powers senses the goings on in his forest swamp, rushes Ewan to the scene at Neo style flying speed. "Oh my gosh i gotta save her from karate kid", Ewan agrees with a pained look, noting that its not very comfortable when ice cold winds moving at about 1000 mph is blowing up your kilt.

Jadeviper looks up and takes in the situation, wondering what will happen next.

While some readers of this tale may think Peter is playing with fire given Ewan's close proximity, Peter is not concerned. He knows deep in his heart what Jadeviper really wants, and as long as it does not involve Warez, there is not much Ewan can do as Peter seeks to satisfy Jadeviper's desires.

*It has gotten quite hot in this Swamp again* Peter says to Jadeviper. *Perhaps another Bailey's?

....and is there anything under your sleeping mattress you would like to show me or tell me about?* Peter asks

Jadeviper blushes, though whether this is from the alcohol or from the mention of certain articles under her sleeping mattress is uncertain. She casts her eyes down and accepts another drink, feeling the warmth spread through her body as she hugs her knees and remains silent.

I have ordered us some lunch, said Peter. Their Bailey's Terrine is actually quite special here. Perhaps you would like a head or a foot massage to relax you more while we wait, he said as he gently brushed her golden hair back from her forehead

Jadeviper smiles lopsidedly, recalling that she had Baileys terrine on her wedding day. Leaning back against Peter she hides a yawn behind her hand, and tries to fight off sleep.

Belatedely realizing that he needs to turn-up his wit to keep Jadeviper interested (and awake), Peter suggests that they lay down together for a nap until Laura returns. He beckons Jadeviper to his arms.

Jadeviper looks quizzically at Peter at the idea of lying down for a nap as a way of keeping her awake... she gently lies down next to Peter and tucks one arm under her head as a pillow.

*Will you sleep?* Peter asked *or can I interest you in something else?* he said as his lips brushed ever so lightly against her neck

Jadeviper sighs as a shiver runs through her body but she shifts her position and relaxes further, almost asleep.

Not remembering the last time he had such an effect on a woman, Peter hoped and hoped that Laura would come back to the Swamp and help him ignite the fires within Jadeviper that he had unknowingly let burn down to cooling embers.

Jadeviper sighs in her well-needed sleep and turns over, her back to Peter now. Her long curls have fallen across her face and there are a few stray leaves caught up in her hair again, tempting Peter to move closer and gently remove them, stroking her hair as she sleeps.

Laying like to spoons front to back in a kitchen drawer, Peter not hestitantly anymore strokes Jadevipers curls and absentmindedly brushes leaves off her neck. Yes it is definately getting hotter in the Swamp, as the afternoon sun pulses through the heavy air.

Jadeviper sleeps soundly in the heat of the afternoon, vaguely aware of the comforting presence of Peter, his hands gentle on her skin and his breath deep and slow on the back of her neck. She smiles unseen in her dreams.

Running out of pulp fiction cliches, Peter wispers anon and closes his eyes and joins Jadeviper in her dreams.....

Jadeviper may well dream for a long time, until she gets back from her holidays on Saturday!

Laura finally returns. The day had been long and full of agony - the thick bushes, high ferns and the entangling swamp trees had made it almost impossible to her to push forward and get back. She had cuts on her arms and bruises on her legs, but now she could finally breath more easily knowing that she was in the safe haven again. Wondering what had happened during her long absence, she looked around and saw the sleeping couple. She smiled.

Jadeviper stirs, hearing Laura approach. Quickly taking in the cuts and bruises, she sits up and beckons Laura over to her. Sitting her down beside her, she reaches into another pocket of her flowing skirt and pulls out a small velvet bag. From the bag she takes a piece of cotton wool and a bottle of saline and starts cleaning the cuts on Laura's arms, taking care not to disturb the clots that have started to form. Satisfied that the wounds are clean, she returns the saline bottle to her bag and withdraws another, this time witch hazel. Taking another piece of cotton wool, she begins stroking the astringent liquid over the bruises on Laura's legs.

Aaahh... it feels so good - Laura can only sit there and let Jadeviper dress her wounds. The saline makes the cuts a bit sore but the stroking hand is so gentle, like a cooling cloud on her legs and arms.

Slowly Laura regains her strenght. 'So what's been going on here? Peter's still just sleeping?' she asks. 'Anyone else around?'

mosquito hears a magical voice so he wakes up of his nightly death.

He calls for a raven to bring him breakfast. The raven shows up with butter and toast. mosquito scolds the raven for this very English breakfast and orders the raven to go get some falafel and foul and white bread. the raven apologizes and rushes out of scene.

'If you're not going to eat the toast and butter, could I have it please? I'm starving' says Laura.

mosquito reluctantly gives Laura the toast and butter thinking to himself *there goes my cat's breakfast* *my cat is gonna kill me*

He fakes a smile so that Laura doesn't notice and tells her: "of course, Laura, I don't need these anymore. I was going to throw them in the swamp's water anyway."

Laura gives him a radiant smile and starts to eat the toast. But what was that in the bushes? Something furry? Could it be... no, not in the swamps... a cat? A lion? No, indeed a domestic cat! Laura is a definitive cat person, and in no time at all she is trying to lure the small creature to come closer by offering a little piece of toast.

mosquito is surprised that his cat let liorah cuddle him. mosquito thinks to himself: *this cat must be high on dope. He never lets anyone but me does that to him. Laura must have this very weird but magical effect on anthing she touches. I swear I heard the chair she is sitting in crying out loud "I love it when Laura sits on me".

'A way to a cat's heart is through its tummy' Laura again reminds herself of the old wisdom. No matter how hungry she is herself, she lets the cute little thing eat the final crumbs of toast and lick the melted butter from her fingers. The cat purrs and then starts to clean its whiskers.

Comforted, but unnourished Laura stands up. 'Sorry mosquito, I have to leave now to find myself something to eat. I will see ya all later' she says and disappears into the bushes.

mosquito waves goodbye and finds himself a shady place and starts reading his favourite book "Hopless Romantic".

Lee enters quiety (so that mos is not disturbed). "Blimey" think's lee "this thread is five pages long already" and after reading this thread think's he should've taken the blue pill. "were they really talking about cats on drugs?" Surely this is not the " real world ".

Perhaps the problem is choice, mosquito chose to start this thread, he is the architect. I made the second post so that makes me Agent Smith (it just does, ok).

Lee (A. Smith) 8)

Laura again returns from her daily excursions into the wild. It is so nice to know that there is this homely swamp where everyone gathers around the fireplace to tell the stories of ancient swampees. Jadeviper's hairbrush is lying on the ground, Laura lifts it and puts it in a safe place to wait for her return. She can almost feel Jade's gentle touch on her arms (the wounds are already healing), and she can only imagine how peter must be missing her. 'Where can he be?', she thinks to herself. 'Sulking by himself somewhere?'

Laura unfolds her matress and sits down to wait. Nights are always exciting in the swamp. 'Maybe I'll see a Fox or a Raven again...'

[quote="yourmanlee"]"were they really talking about cats on drugs?" Surely this is not the " real world "[/quote]

You noticed this and you didn't notice the screaming chair!

mosquito having said this to Lee, walks slowly towards the edge of the swamp bank and takes a conoo, urm, i meant a conno, ehem, a cono, yikes, a connoo, a God damn small boat and sails inside the swamp water. mosquito was invited by the crocodiles chief to a small get together where he will meet with one of his favorite friends, puffy, the swampire clayer.

Lee admits to not actually reading pages 2,3 and 4 of this thread ops: and goes to think about what he has done. Lee will not return for three weeks as he is going on holiday (i actually am! Hurrah! and will not be posting between wed July 2nd and Mon July 21st, i expect this story to still be going when i get back!! )

*exit stage left*

Orophin arrives with Ewan but is confronted by thick ferns and dense swamp weed. "Ewan cant possibly get through this" "ack, mon....you are right!!" Ewan replies. Orophin then powers up a kame-hame-ha wave, then blasts a path through.
Ewan still staggered by the emense power of this guy, leads the way through the clearing of singed earth and fauna although he did spot a dried up pool filled with roasted mosquito larvae.
"This is a very wierd place" Orophin says as he sees a screaming chair with one burnt leg.

Laura wakes up from the daze she's been in. 'I must still be dreaming, that cannot be Ewan because he should be on a trip somewhere else... or did he just send his poor wife away to have some fun of his own in the swamps...' Orophin might have an explanation.

Meanwhile, Orophin is very annoyed with how unkempt his swamp is, it always gets like this in midsummer, the sprites all get drunk and forget their duty. "This is turning out like A Midsummer Night's Dream", Orophin wonders as he spots Laura wandering through the hazy sunset mist.
"Why is my heart beating so profusely" he inquires as he gazes at the vision of beauty walking towards him.

'Hi Orophin', screams the chair who/that is walking with Laura.

Eeep!!! Orophin shrieks mentally, "I think i'll finish off what i started with that monstrosity".
"Hey Laura, you look good, the plasters really go with your skin" "um, you seem to be bleeding, why dont you take a sit on that....thing".
Orophin, then places his hands over her cuts then a soft yelow glow appears, making the cuts vanish and healing. "its handy being elf" he thinks to himself.
"There, all done Laura, good as new".....

'Thank you ever so much' says Laura and blushes a bit. Then getting her act together again she gestures towards the poor chair. 'Can you fix that too? You see the burned leg it has? I sat on it once and it's been following me ever since... like a puppy... and I feel kinda responsible for it now. Can you do your elf thing, please, please, please, Orophin?'

mosquito wakes up and goes to his morning swim with the crocodiles in the swamp.

*30 minutes later*

mosquito comes back from his swim and signals for one of the ravens to bring him his breakfast.

*20 minutes later*
after finishing his breakfast, mosquito grabs a couple of metallica cd's and goes fishingin the swamp's water waiting for anyone to show up and thinking to himself "there is nothing like good music and fishing to kill defenseless good-for-nothing time".

Orophin looks at the chair, gazes back at the forlorn look in Laura's eyes "damn my lustful heart, how could i refuse her plea". He cringes mentaly, then gives a quick wave of his hand, thus magicaly the chair is reguvinated and polished with a new leg in tow.

Orophin looks back at Laura and notices the glowing smile on her angelic face......he smiles aswell, but that is a sly smile cos' the reguvination was absolutely complete, in that he erased the memories of Laura fom that cursed chair, thus freeing it from its bond with her.
"Its all sorted now Laura, shall we depart? i hear there a cracking midsummer's gig in town." he smiles as he holds his hand out to her.

meanwhile a cool Metallica guitar rif echoes through the otherwise still and misty swamp, bathed in a perpetual beautiful orange glow of the morning sun.

Laura appears hours later at the swamp. She is exhausted - all day she had been wrapped in mist, trying to figure out the way back to the camp. All her attempts had been futile, the whole site had again been cloacked from her.

'It must have been the Metallica beat last night that mixed the directions in my head... or was it the Guns and Roses... nah maybe that ginuwine what's-his-name...'

Laura stumbles across an old chair. There was something familiar about it, as if she should feel something, but she didn't. Blank.
'Where is everybody, where's that guy with the unpronounceable last name, where's the fox, the raven, the mosquito??'

was it all a dream? why do dreams feel more real? are we alone?

to be concluded....

mosquito appears out of oblivion thinking to himself "I thought I heard a magical voice asking about me?"

Looking around, he can still hear Laura's magical voice echoing in the still of the swamp.

mosquito romas east searching for her. Nada, he found.

mosquito romas west searching for her. nada, he found.

mosquito romas north searching for her. nada, he found.

mosquito romas south searching for her. nada, he found.

mosquito starts running in all diresctions while hearing the ravens whispering to each other "the poor man must have lost of his mind to the magical voice"

And right there, in the south-eastern corner, Laura sits almost invisibly.

Was I typing fast or was it something in the water I've been drinking?


mosquito hearing a voice but seeing no one, he turns on his infra red?! vision abilities and he can identify Laura from the 5 giga ccalories of energy coming out of her celestial body.

mosquito casts a spell on her so that her body becomes visible to him again and oooooooooooooh there sits peacefully and gracely the most beautiful body he has laid his eyes on.

Laura sits there, laptop on her knees, and tries to figure out the configurations. 'What the heck is the matter with this file sharing protocol... why is it not working... what ports should I open... do I understand any of this... no...'

I think mosquito loves LAURA,and wants her....

mosquito rushes out of scene and comes back dressed like Dr. Norton Semantic ?! and examines carefully Laura's laptop.

File sharing protocol, ports, configurations, ...*shrieks* then confronts Laura with the fact that he has got his education in mechanical production engineering and that laptop doesnt look like any lathe he knows.

Laura takes jimmy-floyd gently by the hand and leads him farther to the side. 'You're still too young to know, but the things that seem obvious are the most obscure ones, and only the things that are obscure can show us the way to the real truth' she whispers to his ear.

Then returning to the scene (and silently giggling to the mother of all banal statements she just heard herself say) Laura closes the laptop. 'Without electricity this is useless anyway', she admits.

[quote="jimmy-floyd"]I think mosquito loves LAURA,and wants her.... [/quote]

Jimmy boy, you are absolutely right. I am in love with her. I am admitting this. This is not a crime in England or Finland, right?

By the way jimmy boy, I missed you man. Where the hell have you been lately? Battery problems, huh?

*BOOM* Orophin arrives fumming with rage, "now the generator is gone aswell? how the heck am i supposed to watch my ZDNet.co.uk streamed feeds?"..."heads are gonna roll".
he notices Laura walking off with her laptop and a tiny insect following her....."prepare to die, bug.....muhahahahhahahaaaa"

'Hey you with the unpronounceable last name!' shouts Laura, seeing Orophin's blazing eyes. 'Your should read your biology books more carefully. This ecosystem could not last if it weren't for mosquitos! This is his swamp, remember?'

"but but but....i just wanted to......i didnt mean.......ahhh, screw it" Orophin storms off (literally, wheather doesnt change that quickly around here) to watch the Cowboy Bebop movie.

[quote="LAuRA"]'Hey you with the unpronounceable last name!' shouts Laura, seeing Orophin's blazing eyes. 'Your should read your biology books more carefully. This ecosystem could not last if it weren't for mosquitos! This is his swamp, remember?'[/quote]

Hey smartie, this is not my God damn swamp. It's everybody's swamp. If it was my swamp then how come Mr. chlorophill is messing around?!

[quote="LAuRA"]'Hey you with the unpronounceable last name!' shouts Laura, seeing Orophin's blazing eyes. 'Your should read your biology books more carefully. This ecosystem could not last if it weren't for mosquitos! This is his swamp, remember?'[/quote]

btw, it's not just the ecosystem who can't go on without mosquitos. All of my buddies can't go on with me too!

Realizing that she had just succeeded in making everybody mad, Laura crawls back to her south-eastern corner. And this time even the laptop is cold to her.

Peter wakes from his long slumber, yawns and stretches and looks around the Swamp. Realizing the Swamp had changed (somewhat dramtically from the playground it was for him and his special friends JadepViper and Laura) since JadeViper went on her weeklong trip, he decides to lay back down and sleep until she returns.

HEY mosquito,I visit our AAS forum every day,..Maybe you didnt see me,coz i visit COMMUNITY WAFFLE section rarely.I VISIT NOKIA 3650,series 60 multimedia,and symbian gaming sections every day.MOSQUITO you are almost right its not crime,love is beuatiful :angel: ,LAURA,i am 16teen,but i am not a kid,kidy kid,i am pretty a teen,and i know all about love.... :bday:

Laura silently enters the stage again from her south-eastern corner. This time she has covered her head with the ugliest veil and her body with the loosest kaftan and she makes no eye contact with anyone around. Cautiously she approaches peter. 'Hi' she says. 'Here is the brush that Jadeviper left behind. I have kept it and now I want you to take it. You can give it back to her, I am sure she will appreciate the gesture. I may not be here tomorrow to greet her, but I trust you will be...' Having said this, Laura again melts in with the shadows of the bushland.

AND why dont laura come to JIMMY. :P

Orophin walks in feeling good about the movie "that was great, Sunrise Co. really pulled out all the stops for this one". He then notices a veiled figure crouched down in the shadows of the south-eastern-corner of the swamp, with great stealth he floats towards it then notices the unmistakable golden hair of Laura hanging out beneath the veil.

"whats up Laura, why the gloom and doom?" he says with the softest voice he could muster. he hoped it wasnt cos' of his reaction earlier, but he decided to appologize anyway.
"Hey, i'm sorry for storming off like that, it wasnt your fault, i was just being silly....showing off, you might say" he say with a coy grin on his face in hopes of raising a giggle from her.

He raises his hand and in a flash of light he transforms her old cold laptop to a Mac G4, Panther OS enabled powerbook and leaves a hot cup of coffee to warm her cockles.
"Well, i'll leave you now to gather your thoughts, but just call if you need me....gomen nasai (i'm sorry)" he gently pats her exposed hand and then flies off.

The warmth spreads within Laura and she is astounished. 'What is this... is it the coffee...?? Ahhh the laptop is alive again! WIeeeee!' says she (she is well behaved and does not shout since she does not want to wake the others). 'And what... the screen comes off... I HAVE A TABLET PC' she rejoyces.

[quote="jimmy-floyd"]HEY mosquito,I visit our AAS forum every day,..Maybe you didnt see me,coz i visit COMMUNITY WAFFLE section rarely.I VISIT NOKIA 3650,series 60 multimedia,and symbian gaming sections every day.MOSQUITO you are almost right its not crime,love is beuatiful :angel: ,LAURA,i am 16teen,but i am not a kid,kidy kid,i am pretty a teen,and i know all about love.... :bday:[/quote]

I am glad you made it to the swamp Jimmy Boy. What's up man? how is your battery bug now?

mosquito wakes up from his nightly death. It's a strange feeling that I'm feeling today. I don't wanna have breakfast. I wanna walk the earth just walk the earth. mosquito starts to wander around the swamp only to end up at the south-eastern corner of the swamp. What am I doing here? *mosquito thinks to himself*

mosquito finds Laura in her veil and what a surprise: her beautiful face shined from behind the veil like a pearl. mosquito suddenly hears one of the ravens putting on one of his favorite songs "Thunder / Love walked In". The song goes:

So tired of waiting
I walked an empty land
I was looking her something to help me understand
The bad luck kept turning my dreams in the sand

I didn't want pity
I had my share of friends
I wanted somebody more special than the rest
I was aching inside like I was approaching the end

Just about that moment the timing was so right
You were there like a vision send down to my life
I thought I was dreaming when I saw you that night

That's when love walked in through my door
That familiar feeling I had once before
Love walked in through my door
And it felt so strange
Like a long lost friend
That haven't change
Giving me hope again
Love walked in

After a short trip to the lakeside Laura returns to the bushveldt. She is eager to see what's been going on here. The powerbook she carries with her has again been repaired and the display re-attached to the laptop ('You should always wait for daylight before you start twisting screens around' Laura reminds herself). She sits down, logs on, and waits...

mosquito appears out of the oblivion thinking to himself *I gotta behave myself now or else I could hurt Laura's feelings again, making her feel that she drove me mad when she made the very slightly inconsiderate insensitive not cool bad hurting tough cruel .... takes breath ... wicked senseless remark :P about me being necessary for the stupid echo system*

mosquito tells himself *of course I don't want her feel any guilt at all*

mosquito being happy that no one can hear his thoughts, walks toward the angel, err, I mean Laura and tries to catch her attention by saying "it's a beautiful day, huh?"

'Yep' she replies with a smile.

mosquito stood still staring in her face for about 5 minutes thinking to himself *I think the whole world just smiled to me now, the trees, the earth, the air, the clouds, the sky*

Posted by Gadget17 at October 24, 2003 01:18 AM | TrackBack
Mosquito deserves full credit for starting this thread in AAS. Without his contribution The Swamp would never have been what it was. Posted by: LAuRA at October 31, 2003 07:36 PM
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