May 25, 2024

Link Dump and Quick Thoughts

Links to my Articles

There's a fair bit going on, but no time for me to write up some full length entries. But strangely, I don't want to not post something here. I think part of it is that I've been watching Russ Beattie's Blog and it's been a bit disheartening. Russ is a 10 posts a week man normally, but work is tough so he's slowed down the posting a lot. And it's upsetting me. So, in case I'm upsetting my reader...

  • Michael Moore won the Palm D'or at Cannes. Just as I hoped he would.
  • Spike Milligan finally gets "I told you I was ill" on his gravestone, along with his traditional sign off "Love Light and Peace." I can't understand why people can't put what they want on a gravestone. Words do not kill people - especially those already dead. Or is Spike the Goon going to beocme Spike the Vampire and fight James Marsden for hte Ying Tong Trophy?
  • Heavily pregnant women can't wait for Big Brother 29 to start on Friday. (And neither can the Dizzy Queen in me either). I recommend Digital Spy for the "news."
  • I've reviewed The Sims over at All About N-Gage, and previewed Alien Front on Gaming Headlines.

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  • May 21, 2024

    Fun 1 Goes Live

    Links to my Articles

    Jim and I have been 'piloting' Fun 1 on Symbian Diaries for a few Formula One races now, and we've decided that (a) the internet needs a really good and funny Formula One blog and (b) we can do it.

    So please visit Fun 1 ( and join in our irreverant but pointed look at the Formula One scene.

    Jim and I are long time Formula One enthusiasts, who fortunately can see humour in most of the grey cut and thrust commercial world of today's Formula One. Fun 1 isn't a news site or even a particularly well informed editorial site (although we like to think we know best).

    What you'll find is satire, lunacy, links to other stuff we find interesting or funny, and the odd barbed comment aimed to puncture a team or driver's pomposity bubble. We might write something serious at times, but that's most likely to be by accident...

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    May 18, 2024

    Cannes Critics Collective Cheer

    Personal Thoughts and Messages

    Michael Moore premiered his new movie, Farenheit 911 (The Temperateure At Which Freedom Burns), at Cannes yesterday. Normally the critics are a reasonably good judge of a Film at an event like this. And from what I hear, the enjoyed it. They really enjoyed it.

    It was given a 20 minute standing ovation.

    Part of me is really hoping that the Grand Jury reflects this rush of opinion and awards Mike the Palm D'Or. With Quentin Tarantino one of the judges (and hmm, he's Miramax as well) there's a good chance this could happen. Fingers crossed.

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    Some Light Follow On Reading after Panorama

    Personal Thoughts and Messages

    So Panorama were irresponsible to broadcast a show that said "we're not prepared to fight even the most obvious of terror attacks in London?" I disagree strongly. Where is the planning and the reassurance from the Government? Or are we left with a toothy Blair grin that says "we will bring them to justice" as he invades another country?

    Quite frankly, a 5 year old could work out the plan the BBC had. You want to get freaked out? Start reading. Books are so far ahead of their time, are just as scary, and nobody worries about the lessons they give. Look at Terence Strong's The Tick Tock Man, about an IRA campaign of terror around London. It uses the UK Governments preferred method of terrorism (car bombs) but I'm not sure if a tanker full of fertilizer bomb in the middle of the Blackwall Tunnel appears in their contingency planning. It's ludicrous for the Home Office to not even comment on Panorma because they think that a single bomb on a Tube Train is 'unrealistic.'

    Continue reading "Some Light Follow On Reading after Panorama"
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    May 17, 2024

    What's in My Gadget Bag?

    Links to my Articles

    Hey, who's this bloke being interviewed by Gizmodo? Cripes it's me!!!

    Ewan Spence takes the road less traveled, and he takes it often. Besides taking part in running All About Symbian, one of the largest community sites for Symbian Smartphones in the world, he's also one of the people behind OPL, a keystone language (similar to QBasic) for Symbian OS. Not only that, but he's helped set up FreEPOC as a programming team, and travels the world bringing OPL to the Symbian OS and the casual developer. Ewan brings a decidedly old-school flavor (some might even say retrograde) flavor with his gadget bag, which goes to show that the latest and greatest doesn't have to supplant the old and reliable. What's in your Gadget Bag, Ewan?

    Pop on over and read the full article.

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    May 13, 2024

    MT 3.0 Thoughts - Pricing Structure is All Wrong

    Personal Thoughts and Messages

    So Six Apart have decided that they'd like to make a decent amount of money from Movable Type. I don't, on refelction, have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is how they are charging.

    They're giving limits to the number of authors and blogs you can have on a single install of MT (on a single CPU system). Now, Symbian Diaries has 34 blogs and 21 authors. Numbers that would not be accomodated in the new licence (the closest is 20 authors and 15 blogs) so we need two installs at $699 each. But the server is dual CPU, so no matter what we do, we're breaking the licence.

    The blogsphere, naturally, is turning round and viciously biting the hand that feeds it. And I can' help feeling if a simple structure of $70 for personal use (not for profit) and $300 for a commercial install, both options with no limits on authors and blogs, then that would have meant more people handing over the cash, and none of the terrible feedback they're getting.

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    Personal Thoughts and Messages

    At the #joiito meeting last night, I was told something about something that I really like. But I can't tell you what it was about. Just that the news is really good. Damm.

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    May 02, 2024

    More of My Writings You May Have Missed

    Links to my Articles


  • Review of Super Yum Yum, a J2ME Puzzle/Logic gamne for Series 60.
  • Preview of Ashen for the Nokia N-Gage.
  • Review of the Keychain MMC Holder (!)
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    Gamecube Primer

    Console Gaming

    gamecubelogo.jpgRight then, through Gaming Headlines, I've been looking at the N-Gage from a purely gaming perspective (which is actually quite different to the all-encompassing view that I take over at All About N-Gage). It's refreshingly differnt. So much so that they've asked if I can look at one of the areas where they're needing another writer. The Nintendo Gamecube.

    Now the last true home console I has was... well... I've never had a home console. I've got the traditional Gameboy, a Mame Cabinet, and growing up my sister had a NES Famicom (and two games, one was Dizzy from the Spectrum, so I knew it already). So I have pretty much zero idea what's going on in the console world apart from what I read about on the fringes.

    So it's time to turn to you, my reader. I need a crash course in the Gamecube and the place it has in the market. Yes I know the PS2 is a bit more adult orientated, the XBox is a bit like Knight Rider (we all watch it, but nobody will actually admit to it), and the Gamecube is percieved as the kiddie machine. I need more than that.

    What are the 'signature' games on the device? What are the genres it is strong in? Which are weak? What is the fascination with "stealth" games like Splinter Cell? And if I'm going to get three games with a Gamecube, which three will give me the broadest look at what the console is like?

    Over to y'all?

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    April 30, 2024

    You Idiots!!!

    Personal Thoughts and Messages

    Hey you, mind my Irn-Bru! Yet another reason America is really going downhill in my opinion. Thanks to Martin for the link.

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    April 28, 2024

    It's the Rebels Sir.They're Here.. And They've Got a Flag

    Personal Thoughts and Messages

    Somewhere there's a book entitled "How to Cock Up An Occupation" and America seems to be following it to the letter. They've now decided that in all the problems of war, of terrorising entire cities with helicopter gunships and snipers that what the Iraqui people really need is... a new flag.

    So out goes the old flag that's been around since before Saddam Hussein was helped to power, to be represented by something that is closer to the Israelli colours than the pan-Arab flag they originally had.

    Stop and think about this for a minute. Being Scottish I take great pride in the cross of St Andrew. We had a flag with us in the delivery room for Eilidh being born (As we saidto the Irish midwife, "see, we are in Scotland, and we have a flag to prove it." She understood perfectly). Imagine what would happen if it was changed 'by committee' to something that resembled, oh I don't know, the Cross of St George.

    People see a flag as identity. People gather behind a flag. They have power. And you can be damm sure there will be a lot of the population looking at yet another heavy handed US action, wondering when the rest of the world will wake up to what is happening. Just like their flag, their country is being taken over and history re-written.

    And now they have a symbol. Something that represents them. Something that people will understand.

    Their flag.3

    Additional - Link from The Independent, it was desgined in the UK. I am so angry over this.

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