May 02, 2024

My Photos

Thanks to Ewan's Moblog for inspiring me and Rafe for setting it up, I now have a PhotoBlog.

Gadget17's Photos

Below are the 4 most recently taken images.

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April 21, 2024

Celebrity Fundraisers

Have just found an interesting website.

JustGiving.Com! is a site set up to help anyone raise money for charity, and they have a Celebrity page.

You could sponser Simon Biagi for Children in Crisis, Alastair Campbell for Leukaemia Research Fund, Gary Lineker for Leukaemia Research Fund, Dan Radcliffe for National Autistic Society Alan Rickman for Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) or more.

My favourite one when looking through was Sissy Rooney (BB4) for Children in Crisis who has been sponsered by none other than here Housemate Mr. Jon Tickle.

Also at time of writing (not including posts I have deleted, etc) this is my 200th Post

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New Planet(s)?

OK, now which is the 10th Planet?

I have just read an article on BBC News that reports a new planet called Sedna, but a couple of years ago they also reported a new planet called Quaoar. So do we have 11 planets (or more) in our Solar System?

Planet Distance from
Sun (Miles)
Planet Size
 Quaoar 4 Billion 800 2002 LM60 Link Link
 Sedna 3.6 billion 730-1,470 2003 VB12 Link Link
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April 17, 2024

Cyborg Name Generator

Earlier today came across the The Cyborg Name Generator and here are the results from Gadget17 & M3TZO

G.A.D.G.E.T.1.7.: General Android Designed for Galactic Exploration and Troubleshooting

M.3.T.Z.O.: Machine Trained for Zealous Observation

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April 11, 2024

Quiz Night

Took part in a weekly Quiz that takes place on eQSO Blind_Ops room tonight for first time. The questions were interesting.

1. What is a Chow?

2. How many stomachs does a cow have?

3. Which Famous Explorer was murdered in Hawaii?

4. What are the 4 tastes a human has?

For answers click Continue "Quiz Night"

Continue reading "Quiz Night"
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April 07, 2024


After hearing an advert on the radio I thought would pay a visit to locateAmobile. But I
guess that as the system uses GSM mobile masts for area is not highly accourate. Here is the demo message (obscuring my number) I received after sending "where am i" to the locateAmobile Short-Code:- 89222.

Located in the vicinity of :
Mitcham Junction
Approx:900m away.

Also you have to pay 1.00 pm for each mobile registered and then pay for each search you undertake.

Inaccuracies due to GSM masts:-
Postcode is wrong (SM5 is Carshalton not Mitcham)
I live in Sutton not Mitcham
Says I am 900m away, but am nearly 5km away from Mitcham.

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Salvage Squad

OK, so what have a Thames sailing barge, Fire engine, Gyroplane, Stolly, Steamboat, Gipsy Moth Plane, Lola Racing car, Bristol car, Tank & a Steamroller got in common?

Well as you may guess from the title it's the Salvage Squad (Salvage Squad (Series 1 - 2002) - Salvage Squad (Series 2 - 2003)) TV program from Channel 4 in the UK. It is also shown on a regular basis on the Discovery Channel where I watch the program.

Salvage Squad in the 1st series was presented by Lee Hurst and by Suggs (Graham McPherson) in subsequent programs. Also are the team of experts. Claire Barratt, is an industrial archaeologist and steam engineer, Axel Cleghorn who is an ex-fireman and keen biker and Jerry Thurston has fascination with restoring classic vehicles.

In the 2nd series they work on the following. Steam plough, Crane, Morgan, Tram, Steam car, Loco, Dustcart, Fireboat, Gallopers & a Watermill.

The 3rd series has some interesting Salvage to bring back to life including a Snow Trac, Steam crane, Model T Ford, Combine harvester, Sentinel steam lorry, Skima 12 hovercraft, German Biber submarine, Scammell Scarab and an Amphicar.

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April 06, 2024

ZeroIndex Games

OK, so it's been a while since I posted any free Symbian software, so today's comes in the form of ZeroIndex.

They have a number of free games which include BlackJack, Swarm, VideoPoker, Road Pizza, Zombie Mansion. Some are for Nokia series 40 and also for 7650. I am going to test a few soon.

Also for a small charge are Froglet (5.00) and Swarm2 (3.00)

On a side note their site won't work properly on Safari Browser for Macintosh.

April 03, 2024


I Got It. The License arrived today.

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March 31, 2024

One Year Old

I have just realised that my blog (which was started on Blogger) is a year old. I started it on 31st March 2003 as a place to post about my new 7650 phone and my life in general.

Well I hope I am still blogging here in another year, and maybe I will add more of my 1993/4 entries from hand-written diaries.

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