Glass World General log about development on mobile devices and of other related matters. en-us 2024-07-04T17:28:32+00:00 More GoBoy messing around. So I spent some time improving my GoBoy build - now it saves automatically upon exit and loads automatically when reloading a game that has been loaded before. for the page.... glass 2024-07-04T17:28:32+00:00 Messing with J2ME MIDP 2.0 MIDP 2.0 has some intresting additions, namely for me the most intresting being the game api it introduces. It adds 'layers' and and a special GameCanvas, layers being objects that know how to draw themselfs and can be placed on... J2ME glass 2024-06-23T16:02:43+00:00 Weather for s60 is a gpl'd weather tracking program for series60, the version that is now on the site doesn't work on s60 v1 devices such as 7650, n-gage & etc. So I compiled a version that works and made the... Symbian programs glass 2024-06-20T17:16:35+00:00 Back with some J2ME. So I need to get my claws into some MIDP 2.0. I hadn't tried Eclipse or EclipseMe(the j2me plugin for eclipse) before, but I must say I'm rather impressed by both of them. Now I just need to get the... J2ME glass 2024-06-18T11:58:41+00:00 Goboy So as a training/fun project I made my own build of goboy gameboy emulator for s60. Why? well, the new gcc tools available offer much better optimizations. Here is the project page with .sis and .zip to go. It's not... Code glass 2024-06-17T02:28:37+00:00 Frozenbubble So, today on #mobitopia(@freenode) blkhawk was having trouble compiling frozenbubbles( ) s60 version with the s60 sdk for Borland. After some code changes it compiled fine on the GCC 3.0-psion-98r2 spiced up sdk version that I got running and it's... Code glass 2024-06-15T21:52:05+00:00 Hello World. Hello, this is my official hello and test message, without any real content. Just testing out this blog system. What will eventually be here will be information about things I've tried to do and succeeded in and about things I've... Ramblings glass 2024-06-15T21:23:44+00:00