Saturday, 2024-02-07

boy's night in

Yesterday I had five friends from KTH over for dinner. We had herring ("sill") sandwiches with akvavit and beer for starters (thanks Henrik), followed by lamb roast with rice and Chateau Musar 1997. This pretty far-out wine (astringent I guess you could call it) went along famously with the lamb, and made the Haut-M�doc that followed taste like it was watered.

Calle and Jonas had picked up a selection of cheeses. We drank a bottle of my birth-day port, a 1960 vintage. Famous taste, like a really rich and alcohol-drenched caramel.

For dessert, David made strawberry- and plum kn�del. Johan bought cigars, accompanied by rum and whiskey (Talisker). Altogether a very nice evening.