Saturday, 2024-07-03

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((R) means "re-reading")

The all-seeing eye

Body of Secrets by James Bamford.

An "expos�" of the NSA. This book has a hacked-together feel, as if it was composed of several magzine articles. The author veers from describing the NSA as an all-knowing threat to democracy and liberty, to telling us about glitches, catastrophes, and bureaucracy hampering the Agency's ability to protect the US from it's enemies.

There's some interesting information in here though (assuming that the information is accurate):

The sum of the book seems to be that, yes, the NSA can listen to every phone call and read every mail, but that they don't have enough qualified people to make sense of what they're picking up.

Must ... install ... GPG ...

It's official, I'm an anti-Microsoft fanatic

Sometimes (not often enough, if you ask me) goes off on a tangent and rants about how the world is unfairly hindering the progress of Microsoft in the handheld market. It's the only reason I have them in my aggregator.

Of course, I want to share these gems with the gang at #mobitopia, but we don't want to increase the ranking of these pages -- the author (or authors) are not above dirty tricks themselves, so why should they get Google juice from us, the Symbian Mafia?

Enter This works just like, but the generated URLs are ... well, evil. This is now the preferred way to link to among the members of the Mafia. What goes around, comes around.

I wasn't the one who suggested using (I think it was Jim), but I was the first who used it in the channel. Now they've noticed, and I'm officially an "anti-Microsoft fanatic". I've kind of had that feeling. It's nice to get it in writing.


Even though I'm on vacation, I'm doing more work than usual (I hope my boss doesn't read this...).

Why? Well, we've finally taken gone to work on our bedroom (mini-diary in Swedish), and the nice thing about this kind of thing is that you see results. We've ripped up the ugly plastic carpeting and revealed a very nice pine parquet, started painting the ceiling and walls, and today we rippd out the old closet and turned it into an alcove instead.

I've also discovered that I have a critical mass of knowledge, tools, and materials to attempt quite ambitious projects. No last-minute , time-wasting trips to the hardware store. If I need something, I can usually do something else before going to the store -- thus enhancing efficiency. And the fact that I'm on vacation means that there's no time pressure.

A nice change from sitting in front of a computer all day.