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Telia's 3G offer

Telia is offering a 3G deal for businesses. You get a Sony Ericsson Z1010 for 1 SEK (about 10c) if you sign up for a 24 month plan. To sweeten the deal, they offer free data access until the end of the year -- to the tune of 500 MB a month. According to the billboards, this is just "data", but according to the website it's GPRS data. Maybe it is one and the same, but for me, GPRS goes with GSM, while 3G has another sort of data.

However, it's beside the point. The point is that the billboards say that these 500 MB are worth 4,000 SEK (about $535). So if you're hooked with 3G and want to continue your profligate data lifestyle after your free months are up, you can end up with a habit nearly as expensive as illegal drugs.

The interesting thing is the way Telia are pushing this deal. By calling attention to the potentially enormous savings you would make by accepting this offer, they make the deal sound better. But on the other hand, they call attention to the truly bizarre pricing of mobile data at the moment.