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Friday, 2006-06-30

Counting down

It’s now lunch hour in my last day before three weeks of vacation. I’m feeling pretty mellow, planning my Out of Office message and looking forward to catching the Germany — Argentina game later today.

Expect blogging to be even lighter than usual, I’m going to try to stay as far away from computers as possible.

Thursday, 2006-06-29

The Engines of Light trilogy by Ken MacLeod

  • Cosmonaut Keep
  • Dark Light
  • Engine City

Nice blend of science fiction and politics from the master himself.

Tuesday, 2006-06-27

Links for 2006-06-27

  • Erik’s Weblog : Backing MySQL Up — will have a look at this in my copious free time. Tags: backup logrotate mysql scripting sysadmin.

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Woken Furies by Richard Morgan

I actually finished this last week, but I’ve been planning a longish review since before the weekend. Now I’m actually writing I can’t say much other than that this is a really good book if you like cyberpunk flavoured noir — and who doesn’t?

Here’s my review of Altered Carbon. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the second book in the trilogy, Broken Angels, soon.

Monday, 2006-06-26

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  • Step By Step 3 - How to destroy your computer! Tags: computer hardware humour read-later sysadmin.

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Observations for 2006-06-26

This is a test of my mobile blogging solution.


Saturday, 2006-06-24

Observationer för 2006-06-24

Lasse Granqvist (i Radiosporten):

Domaren står och hånler åt Lučić! Vad är det för djävla fasoner?!

Thursday, 2006-06-22



Ah, the long weekend is upon us. In the nick of time too, I was going crazy from stress. My coworker took an early vacation and is soaking up the sun in Greece, leaving me to handle the flood of issues.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for the traditional goal of Sågen, in the less picturesque part of Dalarna. I’m looking forward to the usual midsummer meal of potatoes, pickled herring and snaps.

The only fly in the ointment is the lack of television in the house. Normally this is only a plus, but with Sweden facing Germany in the World Cup on Saturday, it’ll be missed. I’m pretty sure it’ll work out, however.

Wednesday, 2006-06-21

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  • A Reevaluation of Cockburn’s Cliveden Set Tags: britain fascism history read-later thirties.

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Tuesday, 2006-06-20

[SvSe] Minnesskrift för David

Meddelande från Caroline:

Minnesskriften för David är nu färdigställd. Den består av ett 30-tal olika bidrag från familjen och vänner samt foton. Den kostar 100 kr. När kostnaden per skrift är täckt går resterande oavkortat till David Sjögrens Minnesfond (

Jag har uppgifter om hur man beställer skriften, men vill inte skriva ut dom här. Skicka ett meddelande till mig så vidarebefodrar jag dom gärna.

Sunday, 2006-06-18

A few small repairs

We had an important boule match in the inter-office tournament on Thursday, and I was shocked to see my trusty Wayfarers in two pieces in my bag. The earpiece had separated from the frames.

Playing in the strong (for Sweden) sun on our terrace without shades was a recipe for disaster. Luckily I could find the tiny screw connecting the earpiece to the frame in the bag pocket, and felt the quiet satisfaction of fixing a problem on my own by attaching them together.

This didn’t help us though, the opposing team played cannily and won handily, beating us to the semi-finals on Wednesday.

Another small and niggling issue are the new headphones I bought for my iPod mini. I had a pair of Koss Porta-Pros that I was really happy with until they developed some serious distortion when there was more than moderate bass in a song. It only affected one earpad, and I suggest I may have damaged them by careless handling. I felt it was time for a pair of new headphones. I bought a pair of AKG K24P to replace them.

Unfortunately, the slightest jiggle of the connector against the iPod will trigger a pause in playback. This seems related to the iPod auto-pause feature that will pause playback if the headphone plug is removed during play. It seems that this feature is triggered by some 3rd-party headphones, and it cannot be turned off. A quick google shows that the issue is quite widespread, and that the solutions range from giving up and using the original iPod earbuds, to ordering a new iPod, to bending the connectors to ensure better contact.

I’ve never had this problem before, using the Koss phones, a pair of cheap Sennheisers, and 2 Sony variants. I like the feel and sound of the AKG phones, but unless I can solve this issue I will have to use the fiddly earbuds instead and look like a fashion victim.

Update 2006-06-21: I tried bending the offending contacts with a pin, but it was very hard to get a grip. Lars Bengtsson took the headphones back, so at least I’m not out of any money. I tried a pair of Sennheiser PX100s while in the store, and they exhibited the same behaviour.

It could be that the Mini I own is simply too old, or that it, too, was damaged with the Koss ‘phones. In any case, I’d like the “pause playback if the headphones are removed” to be a configurable option, so that you could work around this sort of thing.

Saturday, 2006-06-17

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  • ipod auto pause - Google-sökning — research into the auto-pause problem. Tags: glitch google headphones ipod pause problem read-later.

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Tuesday, 2006-06-13

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  • Hacknot - Great Mistakes in Technical Leadership — “Observation suggests that there are not that many senior techies who have the skills and personal characteristics necessary to perform the Technical Lead role well”. Tags: article business leadership management work.

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Monday, 2006-06-12

Links for 2006-06-12

  • Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router - jämför butiker, hitta lägsta pris - Pricerunner — apparently you can run screen and irssi on this baby. Tags: gadgets linux network to-buy wi-fi.
  • Review: Peak LED Solutions pocket flashlights — flashlight pr0n. Tags: flashlight gadgets review to-buy.
  • Stevey’s Blog Rants: Shiny and New: Emacs 22 — new stuff in the new Emacs, including juicy info about Emacs regexps, which I know too little about. Tags: emacs lisp programming review unicode.

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Observations for 2006-06-12

Dennis Forbes on Microsoft .NET 3.0:

Insanity. Absolute, unbelievable insanity. Perhaps there’s some amazing explanation — for instance that their April Fools project ran a little long, and they just got the output out — but I suspect it is just more of the same that we saw circa-2000. Some short-term euphoria over a gonna-be-released-soon project has them screwing with the terminology yet again.


Thursday, 2006-06-08

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  • Jim Baen’s Universe — e-zine, no DRM, $30/6 issues. Tags: books fantasy magazine sf writing.
  • 10 Reasons Not To Use Commission Junction — CJ horror story. Tags: advertising affiliate customer-service revenue work.

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Wednesday, 2006-06-07

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  • Frank form — leather bag for 2,500 SEK. Tags: gadgets leather wishlist.

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Observations for 2006-06-07


Om man hotar sin förra fru, hennes familj och hennes nye man till livet anser rättsstaten Sverige att man ska betala 7000 kronor i böter.

Om man delar med sig av filmen Rånarna anser rättsstaten Sverige att man ska betala mer än dubbelt så mycket, eller 16000 kronor i böter.

Fildelning av en enda film är alltså ett mer än dubbelt så allvarligt brott som dödshot och övergrepp i rättssak.


James Robertson:

Of course, Winer could have written [how many enclosures an RSS item can have] into the spec. Heck, he could stop being a pain in the neck, and let someone else add it to the spec. Then again, monkeys might fly out of my butt, too.


Monday, 2006-06-05

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  • perl script to import bookmarks — not updated for the new API scheme, will look for the XPath code in it.. Tags: blog delicious export perl.
  • Slashdot | Errors in Spreadsheets are Pandemic — death of Excel predicted. I, for one, welcome our new spreadsheet-less overlords. Tags: excel sarbox spreadsheet work.

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Observations for 2006-06-05

Isobel sammanfattar mina åsikter om svensk nationalism:

[…] den svenska nationalism som ändå finns i människors hjärtan är frikopplad från etnicitet i allt utom flickornas hårfärg, och för det finns det ändå utmärkta kemikalier nuförtiden. Den handlar i stället om modernitet, om jämlikhet, om jämställdhet, om vacker natur, om Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Den här allmänt avslappnade inställningen till svenskheten är, mer än politiskt agerande åt ena eller andra hållet, det som skyddat oss från framgångsrika extrempartier. Betänk att Ian&Bert lika mycket red på vågen av föraktet mot “det typiskt svenska” (och förstås mot lapplisor) när de kom in i riksdagen, som på någon uttalad nationalism. Det är lyckligtvis de senare nötterna inte smarta nog att komma på.


The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson

This is the latest instalment in Erikson’s epic, The Malazan Book of the Fallen. This dense work benefits from an incremental approach where you read and re-read the previous books over and over again to try to catch all the details and nuances. Luckily, the books are so well-written that this is not a chore at all.

The Malazan universe is exceedingly complex, with new gods, forms of magic, and undead pre-humanoid species turning up every few books. Sometimes they have the appearance of dei ex machinae, but it doesn’t matter that much.

This book is the sixth in a ten-part series, I’m sure Erikson will be able to keep things up for the concluding four. Until then I’ll re-read Memories of Ice again.