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Sunday, 2005-11-13

Mountains out of molehills

Dave Winer:

Singling me out for abuse should be, and I believe is, bad strategy, and bad representation for [Ratcliffe’s] client, Audible. They both owe an apology for this abuse. I don’t expect one from Ratcliffe (although I would accept it) but I do expect one from Audible.

Now where have I heard this before?

This is what Mitch Ratcliffe says on his disclaimer page:

You’ll probably not be surprised by the fact that I am often critical of companies and people with whom I do business, at least those of you who know me will not be: I get paid to be honest with people, to tell them exactly what I think and to pull no punches, whether in writing, consultative work or as an advisor.

I predict interesting consequences.

Update 2005-11-14: Mitch engages Dave in yet another post. Kudos to him for keeping his cool.

Update 2005-11-15: This is the last word as far as I’m concerned.

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