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Midsommar, the unofficial Swedish national day, has come and gone. We spent it at home in Stockholm, instead of traditionally at Josefine’s place in S�gen. This gave us the opportunity to repay her and Lotus for all the nice times we’ve had there.

M�rten, Maria, Vera, and Conrad joined in, and brought food and booze with them. Lunch was eaten on the top balcony, and consisted of sill (pickled herring) from Melanders, V�sterbotten cheese, new potatoes, and kn�ckebr�d. Of course we drank snaps and beer.

After lunch we went for a walk in a deserted Stureby. The sun was shining, although it was very windy. Rainclouds were gathering to the East, so we abandonded plans of eating dinner outside.

Main course was barbecued pork filet with potatoes, salad and grilled haloumni cheese. More beer and wine was drunk.

We wound up the evening watching Greece eliminate France from the Euro championship. Nice!

Updated. Chatting with Craig after writing this entry I realised I really should be more informative about Midsommar. Well, I don't have to, because Ben has more info.