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Tuesday, 2024-11-23

Model railroad

My dad came up from Halmstad to help out a bit with the house. In the car he had two boxes of old toys from my childhood. Among these were a Fleischmann HO model railroad (starter set + station expansion). Viking had a great time playing around with that.

He’s a bit too young for model trains, but I figured that this particular set is already payed for, so a little toddler vandalism can’t hurt.

I’m going to get a big sheet of plywood and screw the tracks in place so that he won’t knock them askew. I’m also planning to glue Lego plates around the tracks so that he can build tunnels and houses.

For my future reference, here are the track parts.

Starter kit (6315)

  • 8 x 6024 curves R1
  • 2 x 6001 straights (204 mm)

Station kit (6090)

  • 2 x 6044 turnout
  • 2 x 6032 curves R2
  • 2 x 6005 straights (165 mm)
  • 11 x 6001 straights

Update 2024-11-23: I laid out the tracks again today and found out that one of the turnouts didn’t work anymore — must have taken a hit when someone stepped on it. Also, minimally laid out, the tracks cover our dining room table, and that’s not a small table. I’m shelving the plans for a board for the time being.

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