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Wednesday, 2005-04-13

Brilliant scam is a site where a guy demands $50,000 or he’ll let kill and eat a helpless baby bunny.

According to his own accounts, he’s already got more than $18,000.

At first I was a bit shocked — not that someone would eat a rabbit, or even that someone would demand money not to eat it — but that people would actually pay him the money to not eat the rabbit.

After some thought, I’m still shocked. That I didn’t figure this out myself. Problem is, he’s hard to copy-cat. If he’s smart, he’s patented the “give me money or I’ll eat the bunny” method of relieving clueless idiots their hard-earned cash. And what’s cuter and more edible than a bunny? Nothing, that’s what!

I wish him the best of luck. At best, he gets a heck of a lot of money. At worse, he still gets a lot of money, and a nice, tasty meal! Tip: don’t forget the garlic.

Update: This as a hoax, according to Snopes.

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