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Thursday, 2006-03-16

RFID in new Swedish passports

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I picked up my new passport today, in the nick of time for the trip to London tomorrow. I asked if the new passport had an RFID-chip, and was told that it had. I guess it’s behind the little symbol on the front cover.

There’s not much info in Swedish about this. Specifically, I wonder what would happen if the chip is “accidentally” erased: is the passport still valid? (This is the case with US passports.) How do you check that as a citizen before being stopped at the US border?

Another question is what info the chip contains. Biometric data sounds pretty scary from a privacy standpoint, especially as it seems as though the encryption has been cracked.

I can’t believe that a contactless technology was chosen for this application. I’m gonna try to find a shielded cover for the passport as soon as possible. Too late for tomorrow’s trip, I’m afraid.

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