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Sunday, 2024-06-06

Swedish media and criminals

There has long been a gentleman’s agreement in place in Swedish media that a suspect will not be named until he or she has been convicted of a crime. With the latest spectacular crimes in Sweden, such as the murder of foreign minister Anna Lindh and the bizarre happenings in Knutby, this has changed. Now, some media outlets name the suspects when they have been charged with a crime.

In the Knutby case, the tabloids never mentioned the minister’s name, but both his wives (whose murders he is charged with) were named with their married names, Fossmo. And as he has Norwegian background anyone can read his full name in the Norwegian newspapers, or on the web.

Of course, the state television holds the moral banner high, and will not name the suspects. References to them in the court audio feed are replaced with beeps.

The privately owned TV4 has no such scruples. So the secretive “Christ’s Bride”, Åsa Walldau, is named as such in the news. 2 hours earlier, in SVTs news, the court sketch has the title “andlig ledare” (“spiritual leader”). This puts her on the same footing as the Dalai Llama.

These efforts, although honourable, are doomed to fail. Anyone who wants can find the details, not on some shady website, but on BBC and CNN. The media is global, at least if the news is big enough. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the whole thing?

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