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Wednesday, 2005-01-19

Is Iran next?

I heard on the radio that the Bush administration is considering attacking Iran this summer. Have they learnt nothing of the debacle in Iraq?

Iraq was a brutal dictatorship, Iran at least has the rudiments of democracy and a form of rule of law. The liberalising influences are fighthing an uphill struggle against the hardliners. The clerics would welcome an American attach with open arms — it would legitimise their rule in the eyes of the disillusioned people of Iran. Any chance for a pro-Western government from within Iran would be lost for decades.

Of course Iran’s possible possession of nuclear weapons is a serious issue. But if the US was to attempt to disable that threat through military action, it would create a threat to itself far worse than any atomic bomb.

I can’t believe Bush and his cronies are even thinking about this.

Update: Seymour Hersh’ article in the New Yorker, which was the basis for the radio programme.

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