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Wednesday, 2024-10-27

Swedish media not impartial in US election

I catched the beginning of a segment in Swedish Radio’s P1 this morning where Johan Norberg, a “liberal” debater debater (this is translated as a right-winger in Swedish terms), said that Swedish media was overwhelmingly pro-Kerry.

This is true. Reading Swedish newspapers and following Swedish ether media would have one believe that George W. Bush was some kind of Svengali, holding the US and the world hostage through sheer force of will and some kind of evil emanation.

I don’t particularly like Dubya, but still, he has the support of half of the population that bothers to vote, and that has to count for something. But this fact is largely ignored in Sweden. Only yesterday, a large interview was published in DN with a nurse living in New York state. She was a Kerry supporter. No sh*t. Why are there no interviews with Texan doctors or Florida businesswomen? Because they might be Bush supporters, and these people simply do not exist in Swedish media.

Anyway, the person debating Norberg, Cecilia Uddén, has been removed from the coverage of the election. Because she came out and said the truth, that Swedish radio is not impartial in the coverage of this election.

Whatever one feels about George W. Bush, we deserve better better reporting.

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