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Monday, 2024-06-14

Charlie is ugly

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The Nokia 6630 (aka. “Charlie”) is a UMTS (3G) phone with Series 60. I’ve been holding off switching to 3G from GSM due to the lack of good phones. Series 60 is the operating system used in smartphones such as the Nokia 6600, the Siemens SX1 and the N-gage. There are lots of apps available for this platform, and the integrated planning tools and email reader are good enough for me.

But I won’t buy the 6630. Why? Because it’s ugly.

The 6630 combines the pear-shaped, bottom heavy look of the 3660 with the faux-metal shine of the Siemens ST55, a desperate attempt from Siemens to cash in on the cameraphone trend.

Nokia can do better than this. The 7610 may have an unusable keypad, but it looks good. The original N-gage, aka. the Taco, packs lots of features into a package that can be described as “interesting”, even if it makes the the user look ridiculous.

Let’s hope that Nokia will re-discover its design edge and give a 3G smartphone with looks and content.

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