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Friday, 2005-04-01

Don’t fall for stupid hacks

Take a page from my book and don’t get drawn into “testing” stupid Bluetooth hacks. The only consequence is that your phone will be b0rked for no good reason.

Zainman posted a so-called tip on how to turn off any phone that browsed your phone via Bluetooth. The trick was to name your BT profile "<tab>1<tab>".

He pestered me to try this, and finally I relented. When I changed the name of my 6630 and browsed for it with my N-gage, the BT app crashed. The phone didn’t restart. But when I tried to open the list of BT access points on the N-gage, it crashed again. Obviously the string was cached somewhere and prevented me from browsing for new BT devices.

So now I have a crippled N-Gage. Great. Thanks a fucking bunch, Zainman.

Update: a full reset (key combination *#7370#) fixed this — don’t forget to back up your phone first, this nukes everything.

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