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Sunday, 2005-10-09

Nokia N90: more impressions

More stuff I’ve discovered about the Nokia N90.

  • No vibrating call alarm. WTF!? This is worse than useless. If you’re working with headphones and you’ve happened to turn the phone upside down, you’ll miss calls, because you won’t see the external screen flashing. Ditto if the phone is in your pocket and you’re listening to some music.

  • The pop-port is on the side of the phone, which means that you can’t have it in a narrow pocket when using the headphones.

  • Image quality is decent, but not great. The pics are better than average for a phone, but they’re still camphone pics.

  • It’s not very clear how to handle video calls. This doesn’t bother me, because it’ll be a cold day in hell before I make a video call.


N90 screenshot: active standby screen

The “active” standby screen. This is the first thing you see. The shortcut icons have tooltips.

N90 screenshot: main menu

The main menu.

N90 screenshot: gallery/images

The images gallery. Pressing the joypad left or right transports you to some undefined place (head and end of image list?). Use the up/down directions.

N90 screenshot: browser with bloglines

The browser, with Bloglines mobile. The hi-res screen really shines here.

6630 screenshot

This is a screenshot from a normal S60, showing the difference in resolutions. The screens are the same physical size.

I tried to capture a screenshot of the phone in camera mode, but apparently the normal keypad buttons are disabled there.

Update: added bullet about video calls, and added a comparative screenshot.

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