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Tuesday, 2005-09-27

The great phone conspiracy


Can’t help but think that there’s some conspiracy on the part of phone manufacturers that they keep producing bigger and uglier phones each with a disjoint set of features. I mean why is it that the 8800 has a camera that’s really not up to par with other phones, and doesn’t take memory cards. Yet promotes itself as having music playing capabilities, yet has <40 megs or so of onboard memory?

Every time you find a phone that you like, you find that it’s got some fundamental flaw in its design, that could only have been left out of the feature list out of spite.

So true.

Incidentally, the Sony-Ericsson K750i he picks is a good choice. S-E rule the mid-market between cheap voice-and-text phones and the more expensive smartphones. For many people, those phones hit the spot with a good mix of features (camera, Java support, music playback), small size, and good design.

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