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Sunday, 2005-10-16

Russell strikes back

Russell knows about the evil stalker blog and outs Jacek Rutkowski as the author. Predictably, Jacek denies authorship:

Russell Beattie in his latest post wrongly identifies author of this blog and motivations that lie behind it […]

It would be interesting to run a author-comparison scan on sentences like that and the normal utterings of Mr Rutkowski:

I have seen lately very pathetic and lame movie “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” (strangely it is number one in USA now but it is because Americans love everything British and this claymation movie is British) […]

I know Russell gets up people’s noses and is certainly no shrinking violet, but being the target of so much venom must be pretty unnerving. How someone can summon so much hate for another person whom they’ve never met is beyond me.

That said, I’m glad Russ is cool about it. I would have called the cops.

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