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Saturday, 2006-02-25

Titleless blogging and blog tools

Dave Winer has an elevator pitch for OPML blogging. What he means by “OPML blogging” is managing your weblog in an application, the OPML Editor, that enables you to choose whether to post an entry as a single sentence (or two) or in a more structured way with a title.

I can see the point. Sometimes you just want to post a link, or a quote, or an observation. That’s why I implemented my post-by-email feature to this blog. Any mail sent to an address with a certain subject line gets appended to that day’s observations post (if the file doesn’t exist, it is created.) The title of the post is always “Observations”. I got this idea from Fredrik Lundh, though I don’t think he posts via email.

I have a command-line version, but I usually just email from Gmail.

The cool thing about this approach, and the reason I call it a moblog application, is that I can post from my mobile phone via email. Granted, this doesn’t happen often, but it’s nice to be able to have the feature.

OK, so that’s my take: I agree with Dave that sometimes you just want to get the stuff out there, without writing an essay. I’m not sold on the application though. Granted, I haven’t used it yet, because as far as I know it doesn’t work with blosxom. But even if it did, where would I use it? I do some blogging at work (on breaks, naturally), some from a windows box at home, and some (like now) from a laptop running Linux. Each of these platforms supports emacs with remote editing via SSH, which is how I usually post. And when I don’t, I can use Gmail from any computer, or use my phone.

So, titleless blogging is cool, and liberating. Using the OPML Editor ties you to one application and one machine, that has to be running Windows or MacOS. That’s not so liberating.

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