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Friday, 2024-11-12


Yesterday I realised that both the Stinkpad at home and the Ultra5 at work were running OpenBSD 3.4, 2 point releases behind the current release. Browsing through the upgrade minifaq I found that the time-honoured procedure of updating by compiling the source tree is deprecated.

So now I have to find a floppy and a serial cable for the Ultra, and try to find out which PC-card that I can use to upgrade the Stinkpad. Then I have to get the install floppy, upgrade the userland, then upgrade /etc, and finally re-install ports.


I’m so tired of this. No offense to the OpenBSD team, but I can’t be bothered anymore. But I also don’t want to go the Debian way on the lappy and lose all my customisations (X, desktop stuff, Terminal font…. the list goes on and on).

Maybe it’s time to get a Mac.

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