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Saturday, 2006-05-20

Networking between Linux and Windows with FireWire (IEEE1394)

I wanted a quicker way to transfer files between two laptops than via wifi. One’s is running Ubuntu Linux, the other Windows XP.

Both machines have a 4-pin FireWire port (labeled 1394, apparently someone owns the rights to the “FireWire” name and someone else doesn’t want to pay royalties). I borrowed a 4-pin to 4-pin cable from my brother-in-law and set out to try to connect the machines.

I knew that Windows has built-in IP-over-1394 support, the clincher was enabling it under Linux. Ubuntu has the required modules installed and the kernel I use can use them. There is a project page for Linux1394 if you need to get the modules and install them by hand.

I loaded the network module eth1394 by running

$ sudo modprobe eth1394

(Maybe this isn’t strictly necessary, but I didn’t find any reference to the module in the dmesg output.) Checking /var/log/messages, I saw that the interface got the name eth2.

Then I connected the computers with the cable (after enabling the interface in Windows). I heard a “cable connected” sound in Windows. Running

C:\> ipconfig /all

showed me that the interface was up. After a while I got a private address (, netmask I configured a static address on the Linux side:

$ sudo ifconfig eth2 up netmask

I then started an FTP client in Windows, pointed it to the address defined in Linux, and started transferring files. I’m getting about 2.5 MB/s which isn’t too shabby.

Update: some quick perusal of the transfer logs gave me a average transfer rate of 1.45 MB/s.