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Thursday, 2005-12-08

Getting things done with Outlook

Rui posts some tips on how to manage your email more effectively with Outlook.

We’ve been using some of those techniques with the support box. I use “reply to all” for all mails, so we always get a copy of the reply in the same conversation. As we are two working with this, it’s a godsend to have a complete record of the conversation around the issue.

We use the nifty coloured flags to manage workflow. My issues are orange, my coworker’s are blue, issues awaiting answers are purple, escalated issues are green etc. This works pretty well, as you can easily spot issues that haven’t been addressed yet.

We have 2 archives, one based on the year’s quarter, and one where we put all escalated issues. Having mails sorted by conversation makes it easy to archive.

However, Rui’s tip about using a smart mailbox to combine your inbox and Sent items makes a lot of sense. It addresses the shortcomings of having to do a reply to yourself all the time.

We’ve worked around the limitations of Outlook’s default filtering by writing a little perl skript that counts the number of issues and alerts us if they are too old.

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