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Thursday, 2005-12-29

Sony Librie coming to the West?

Engadget reports that Sony may be launching an e-ink reader like the infamous Librie (known primarily for its disastrous ebook selling scheme).

An e-book reader needs to have the following characteristics:

  • light weight
  • great battery life
  • good screen
  • access to many different file formats

Even though I suspect lots of publishers and authors are quaking in their boots at the prospect of an iPod for books, I still think that it would be a win. Sure, some people would make it a point to download scanned copies of books, but the legitimate usages outweigh them. Need to read a big document from work? Put it in the e-book reader. Same goes for long emails and web articles. How about books that are legal and open, like Baen’s? They sure are easier to read in an e-book reader than on a screen.

If you combine the reader with a UMTS chip and a web browser, that’s even better (but it would cut into battery life).

The point is, if the platform is open, markets will arise to address user’s needs. Cripple the product with DRM, and the only thing people will remember about you is your stupidity. (Yes Sony, I’m talking about you…)

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