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Monday, 2005-02-07


I spent my free time this weekend re-designing my app for calculating Swedish holidays. It was pretty crufty, having evolved from a simple app to update our time-reporting database to being all things to all people — at least those that grok command-line Perl. Let’s face it — that audience is me.

So I ripped out the central part which actually computes the dates and put it in a module. I wanted to write a CGI that could be used online, so I had to research how to install Perl modules as a normal user, enable taint mode et cetera et cetera. I’m 15 minutes from deployment when I suddenly think “hey, this is so freaking simple it must have been done already” — and did a google for “svenska helgdagar”.

Of course, #2 on that list is a worthy competitor, with English and Swedish translations, flag days, and output to different calendar formats.


Anyway, my efforts are here. Python version next!

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