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Sunday, 2005-01-23

Upgrading the Mac mini

Russ shows how to upgrade the RAM in the Mac mini.

Russ doesn’t say, but I’m pretty sure that this voids the warranty on the beast. You can read than between the lines in quotes such as:

You have to jam the putty knife into the side of the machine, then pull back (with enough force to bend the putty knife) and it’ll pop and crackle and come apart. Just jamming the putty knife in though is quite the feat - it’s definitely a snug fit and just doesn’t feel like you’re doing the right thing at all.

You think?

Apple could have made this a bit easier, I’m sure there’ll be blood on the cases of more than few minis. But it’s definitely possible and straight forward to do upgrades yourself.

Well, it isn’t in Apple’s best interest to make it easy for consumers to upgrade their minis. In the first place, it really makes it hard to provide customer support when someone has jammed in some random hunk of RAM in the machine without reading the instructions or spec. Apple cuts down on the tech support questions plagueing the PC world by providing a locked down, controlled platform.

Secondly, it removes a lucrative income source in after sales upgrades. And thirdly, and possibly most important, making it possible for users to self-service their mini would ruin the looks of the machine.

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