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Spy stories

The Haunted Wood, by Allen Weinstein.

A rather dry, factual account of Soviet espionage in the US around the Second World War.

Many interesting stories, presented in a workmanlike style. Spying as a not very exciting vocation. Non-judgemental, though. The Soviet operatives were just doing their jobs, so to speak. But the price paid by the agents was sometimes very heavy.

Spy stories

The Haunted Wood, by Allen Weinstein.

A rather dry, factual account of Soviet espionage in the US around the Second World War.

Many thrilling stories, presented in a workmanlike style. Spying as a not very exciting vocation. Non-judgemental, though. The Soviet operatives were just doing their jobs, so to speak.

Lost weekend

(The weekend was far from lost, but I can’t say the word “weekend” without associating to the Lloyd Cole song. That’s how far gone I am — Lloyd Cole overdose, indeed.)

Taking a break from the stress of daily life, we left the kid at his aunt and his two cousins and took a room at Torpa Pensionat in Sdertlje. Heartily recommended. Our room was the one on the bottom right of this page. Respect four-poster beds, baby!

After a good dinner at Glashyttans Wrdshus we vegged out in front of late night TV. Breakfast was in a large, sunny room with a view of the frozen sound outside, brilliantly light by the morning sun. Stockholm is beautiful in this weather, strong March sunlight shining on snow-covered ground.

“English genius”

I took The Commonly Confused Words Test (after a tip from Michael’s blog), and received the following score:

English Genius

You scored 93% Beginner, 93% Intermediate, 87% Advanced, and 88% Expert!

You did so extremely well, even I can’t find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don’t. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you’re not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

There’s only one thing an English genius can say after getting this score: w00t!!!

My day

My day basically looks like this.

Time tracking software

I feel a need to keep an eye on what the hell I’m doing at work, and how long time I spend doing it. I know that there are lots of apps around which help you track time spent on projects, but most of them are graphical apps. I wanted a console app that could live in my screen session so that I could work from home and still have a totalitarian view of what I was doing at any given point in time.

A quick trawl through Freshmeat didn’t turn up anything other than the aforementioned graphical apps, so I happily sat down and started work on my own, using my recently acquired knowledge of Perl’s terminal capabilities. I wanted a full-screen app that I would just press a button in and switch tasks.

While writing this, I needed a trivial time conversion that I had forgotten. While googling for it, I discovered a time tracking app written in Perl that used it for its own purposes: tt. Ironic, huh? The app isn’t exactly what I envisioned, but it’s more full-featured than mine, so I’ll give it a try. Otherwise I’ll develop my own app further.

OpenBSD wi-fi hardware

This list is here so that I can check out hardware in stores via the phone.

  • ADMtek ADM8211 based CardBus/PCI adapters (atw) (G)
  • Aironet Communications 4500/4800 ISA PnP, PCMCIA and PCI 802.11b adapters (an)
    • Aironet 4500/4800
    • Cisco 340/350
  • Atheros AR521x based CardBus 802.11a/b/g adapters (ath), including: (G)
    • 3Com 3CRPAG175
    • Aztech WL830PC
    • D-Link DWL-A650
    • D-Link DWL-AB650
    • D-Link DWL-AG650
    • D-Link DWL-G650B
    • Elecom LD-WL54AG
    • Elecom LD-WL54
    • Fujitsu E5454
    • Fujitsu FMV-JW481
    • Fujitsu E5454
    • I/O Data WN-AB
    • I/O Data WN-AG
    • I/O Data WN-A54
    • Linksys WPC51AB
    • Linksys WPC55AG
    • NEC PA-WL/54AG
    • Netgear WAB501
    • Netgear WAG511
    • Netgear WG511T
    • Orinoco 8480
    • Orinoco 8470WD
    • Proxim Skyline 4030
    • Samsung SWL-5200N
    • SMC SMC2735W
    • Sony PCWA-C700
    • Sony PCWA-C300S
    • Sony PCWA-C500
  • Atheros AR521x based PCI 802.11a/b/g adapters (ath), including: (G)
    • D-Link DWL-A520
    • D-Link DWL-AG520
    • D-Link DWL-G520
    • HP NC4000
    • Linksys WMP55AG
    • Netgear WAG311
    • Netgear WG311
    • Proxim Skyline 4032
    • Senao NL-5354MP
  • Atmel AT76C50x based USB 802.11b adapters (atu), including: (G)
    • Acer Peripherals AWL300
    • Acer Peripherals AWL400
    • Aincomm AWU2000B
    • Bluetake BW002
    • D-Link DWL-120
    • Geowave GW-US11S
    • Linksys WUSB11
    • Linksys WUSB11-V28
    • Netgear MA101 rev B
    • OQO model 01 builtin wireless
    • Ovislink AirLive WL-1120USB
    • OvisLink AirLive WL-1130USB
    • SMC 2662W-AR
    • SMC 2662W-V4
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 802.11b adapters (ipw) (G)
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG/2225BG/2915ABG 802.11a/b/g adapters (iwi) (G)
  • Intersil PRISM-2-3 based 802.11b Compact Flash adapters (will be detected as PCMCIA adapters) (wi)
    • Buffalo AirStation
    • D-Link DCF-660W
    • ELSA XI800
    • Linksys WCF12
    • Netgear MA701
  • Intersil PRISM 2-3, Lucent Hermes and Symbol Spectrum 24 based PCMCIA 802.11b adapters (wi), including:
    • 3Com AirConnect 3CRWE737A
    • ACTIONTEC HWC01170
    • Addtron AWP-100
    • Agere Orinoco
    • ARtem Onair
    • BUFFALO AirStation
    • Cabletron RoamAbout
    • Compaq Agency NC5004
    • Contec FLEXLAN/FX-DS110-PCC
    • Corega PCC-11
    • Corega PCCA-11
    • Corega PCCB-11
    • Corega CGWLPCIA11
    • Dlink DWL650 revisions A1-J3
    • ELSA XI300
    • ELSA XI325
    • ELSA XI325H
    • EMTAC A2424i
    • Ericsson Wireless LAN CARD C11
    • Gemtek WL-311
    • Hawking Technology WE110P
    • I-O DATA WN-B11/PCM
    • Intel PRO/Wireless 2011
    • Intersil Prism II
    • Linksys Instant Wireless WPC11
    • Linksys Instant Wireless WPC11 2.5
    • Linksys Instant Wireless WPC11 3.0
    • Lucent WaveLAN
    • Netgear MA401
    • Netgear MA401RA
    • Nokia C020 Wireless LAN
    • Nokia C110/C111 Wireless LAN
    • NTT-ME 11Mbps Wireless LAN
    • Planex GW-NS11H Wireless LAN
    • Proxim Harmony
    • Proxim RangeLAN-DS
    • Samsung MagicLAN SWL-2000N
    • SMC 2632 EZ Connect
    • Symbol Spectrum24
    • TDK LAK-CD011WL
    • US Robotics 2410
    • US Robotics 2445
  • Intersil PRISM 2-3 and Symbol Spectrum24 based PCI 802.11b adapters (wi), including:
    • 3Com AirConnect 3CRWE777A PCI
    • Belkin F5D6000 PCI (a rebadged WL11000P)
    • Corega CGWLPCIA11 PCI
    • Eumitcom WL11000P PCI
    • Dlink DWL520 PCI revisions A and B
    • Global Sun Technology GL24110P PCI (untested)
    • Global Sun Technology GL24110P02 PCI
    • Intersil Mini-PCI
    • LinkSys WDT11 PCI (a rebadged GL24110P02)
    • NDC/Sohoware NCP130 PCI
    • Netgear MA301 PCI
    • Netgear MA311 PCI
    • US Robotics 2415 PCI (rebadged WL11000P)
    • Nortel E-mobility 211818-A
    • Symbol LA4123
  • Intersil PRISM 2.5/3 based USB 802.11b adapters (wi), including:
    • Acer Warplink USB-400
    • Actiontec HWU01170
    • AirVast WM168b
    • Ambit WLAN
    • Apacer Wireless Steno MB112
    • ASUS WL-140
    • Compaq W100
    • Corega WLUSB-11
    • Corega WLUSB-11 Key
    • D-Link DWL-120 (rev F)
    • D-Link DWL-122
    • I-O DATA WN-B11/USB
    • Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B
    • Intersil Prism 2X
    • JVC MP-XP7250
    • Linksys WUSB11 v3.0
    • Linksys WUSB12
    • Melco WLI-USB-KB11
    • Melco WLI-USB-KS11G
    • Melco WLI-USB-S11
    • Microsoft MN510
    • Netgear MA111 (version 1 only)
    • Pheenet WL-503IA
    • Planex GW-US11H
    • Siemens SpeedStream SS1022
    • Sitecom WL-022
    • Syntax USB-400
    • US Robotics 1120
    • Z-Com XI-725/726
    • Z-Com XI-735
    • ZyXEL ZyAIR B-200
  • Ralink RT2500 based CardBus 802.11b/g adapters (ral), including: (G)
    • MSI CB54G2
    • Surecom EP-9428-g
  • Ralink RT2500 based PCI 802.11b/g adapters (ral), including: (G)
    • ASUS WL-130g
    • Minitar MN54GPC-R
  • Raytheon Raylink and Aviator 2.4/PRO PCMCIA 802.11 FH adapters (ray)
  • Realtek RTL8180L based CardBus 802.11b adapters (rtw), including: (G)
    • Corega CG-WLCB11V3
    • Netgear MA521

(G): Drivers for hardware marked with (G) are only included in the GENERIC kernels, but are not included on the various distribution floppies (including the cd-rom boot image).

(Source: OpenBSD i386 hardware list.)

More on Perl

I’ve tried learning Python through Mark Pilgrim’s excellent Dive Into Python, but I’ve discovered that I haven’t enough time to really get into it. Perl is the language I use most days, both in work and personally, and it’s hard for me to break out of the Perlish mindset. Any “serious” Python coding would be sysadmin and report stuff, and I’d just try to remake Python in Perl’s image.

I’ve finally grokked Perl references, and I’m reading the second edition of the Perl Cookbook with real pleasure. Some of the quirkier passages from the first edition are gone (and Randal Schwartz seems to be persona non grata in this edition), but that’s outweighed by the treatment of Perl’s Unicode support (crufty and gnarly though it may be — the price of backward compatibility) and the new switch statement. Perl must be the only language older than 10 years where switch is an experimental feature.

Jim has apparently volunteered to become the Perl expert at his salt mine, for which he deserves equal praise for foolhardiness and pity. I think that he’ll find enough cool stuff in Perl to satisfy his C++ roots, what with all the esoterica available in the dark corners of CPAN (Acme::Bleach, anyone? Or how about Acme::Apache::Werewolf, by a hardcore Warren Zevon fan?)

I’ll never be a Perl guru, but I do think I can become a competent Perlist.


Diego: Beginnings.


Jeff: Why is forever. Programming has become a right-brain activity while left-brain work is outsourced.