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Wednesday, 2005-11-09

Links for 2005-11-09

  • Technology | Throwing Google at the book — article about the Google scanning controversy. Tags: books copyright google read-later.
  • Wired News: History’s Worst Software Bugs Tags: bugs history read-later software.
  • Podtropolis - The iPod Tracker — BitTorrent tracker for ipod video files. Tags: bittorrent ipod p2p torrents video.
  • Creative EP-630 - Plug it in your ear! — yet another in-ear phone, less expensive this time. Tags: earphones in-ear ipod to-buy.
  • Close to the edge — tornado test flying. Tags: airplanes military testing.
  • Installing WordPress « WordPress Codex Tags: blogging howto install wordpress.
  • Ethical Software by Alex Bunardzic » Confessions Of A Former Data Integrity Addict Tags: database design.

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